The Open Minds Forum has been closed due to unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances, which were completely out of our control.

Instead of wallowing in the muck created by one or two of the former staff, the rest of us decided to proceed with what is now THE hottest discussion forum on the internet for UFOs and phenomenology: The OutPost Forum. Feel free to follow us there and we will strive to do our very best to make TheOutPost your home for a long, long time. You'll also find many familiar faces.

An archive of the Open Minds Forum, as it was in December 2011, can be downloaded here (approx. 210 MB).
This archive was made when the Encounters section was still available.
It is in a .rar format, which can be expanded with WINRar (commercial) or 7zip (free).
Note that you will need close to 4 GB (that is 4 gigabyte) available on your hard drive for this archive and twice that amount while expanding it!
When everything is expanded, you have an operational version of the Forum. Look for the index.html file at the bottom of the folder and start from there.
You may want to install a script blocker, first, though, before consulting it.