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Release 29a-1 - Our UNIVERSE is Shown to be ~13.7-15 BILLION YEARS Old
in This "Afterglow of Creation!"
(16 June 2008)


BIG BANG THEORY: The plane of our MILKY WAY GALAXY runs horizontally
through the center of this microwave image BELOW. This historic all-sky map is
based on the first two (2) years of data from NASA's COsmic Background
Explorer (COBE) satellite. These "ripples" in the "afterglow of creation" were
mapped for the first time by the COBE satellite in 1992. The COBE images confirm
that only a million years after the BIG BANG -- which occurred roughly 13.7-15
BILLION YEARS AGO -- parts of the UNIVERSE were visibly hotter than other parts.
The CMBR [Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation] shows that the PINK areas are
HOTTER and DENSER while the BLUE areas are COOLER and less DENSE. By studying
the size and distribution of the spots found with COBE and future missions,
astronomers hope to determine the composition, density, and future of our
UNIVERSE. The CMBR was discovered in 1964 by Americans Arno Penzias and Robert

1998 © Credit: DMR, COBE, NASA, Two-Year Sky Map

Big Bang
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