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Release 29c - Evidence of The BIG BANG and INFLATION are "Heard"
in the Frozen Ice of ANTARCTICA!
(16 June 2008)


EXPLANATION: On the frozen ice near the bottom of our world,
increasingly sophisticated instruments listen for a more precise echo of
how our UNIVERSE STARTED. Independent collaborations behind three (3)
such instruments announced evidence that overtones heard are consistent
with our universe having only about 5% normal matter and 95% DARK
MATTER or DARK ENERGY. This amount of normal matter was expected were
our universe to have undergone a particularly EXPLOSIVE early phase of
the BIG BANG known as INFLATION. Fluctuations of microwave light are
thought to be caused by sound waves moving through the EARLY UNIVERSE.
Pictured BELOW is the remote receiver for the Degree Angular Scale
Interferometer (DASI) that recorded one of the data sets.

2001 © Credit & Copyright: DASI, CARA, NSF

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