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Release 30a
What The Universe Looked like DURING and BEFORE The Age of The DINOSAURS!
(1 July 2008)


Barred Spiral Galaxt NGC 1300
1 of 4: The BARRED SPIRAL GALAXY NGC 1300 spans over 150,000 light-years
across the galaxy center. The picturesque galaxy lies about 75 MILLION
light-years distant, so that light that we NOW see left DURING the age
of the DINOSAURS. / http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap001004.html
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Spiral Galaxt M100
2 of 4: The SPIRAL GALAXY M100 is a large spiral galaxy similar to our
own MILKY WAY, containing over 100 billion stars. It is over 150 MILLION
light-years away, so the light we see left when DINOSAURS roamed the
Earth. / http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap950626.html
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Galactic Ring NGC 6782
3 of 4: The GALACTIC RING of NGC 6782 blossoms into a spectacular and
complex structure highlighted by a circumnuclear ring. Light we see
TODAY from NGC 6782 left about 180 MILLION years ago, while DINOSAURS
roamed the Earth. The galaxy spans about 80,000 light-years across. /
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Elliptical Galaxy NGC 1132
4 of 4: ELLIPTICAL GALAXY NGC 1132 appears as a large, isolated galaxy
toward the Constellation of the River (Eridanus).
NGC 1132 is over 300 MILLION light-years away, so the light we see from
it today left BEFORE DINOSAURS roamed the Earth. /
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