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Release 30b
DINOSAURS Wiped Out ~65 Million Years Ago During The K-T Event ...
Could it Happen AGAIN?!
(1 July 2008)



EXPLANATION: What killed the DINOSAURS? Their sudden disappearance 65
million years ago, along with about 70 percent of all species then
living on Earth, is known as the K-T BOUNDARY EVENT (Cretaceous-Tertiary Mass
Extinction event). Geologists and paleontologists often entertain the
idea that a large asteroid or comet impacting the Earth was the culprit.
In such a cosmic catastrophe, the impact would generate firestorms,
tidal waves, earthquakes, and hurricane winds. Debris thrown into the
atmosphere would have a serious global environmental consequences,
creating extended periods of darkness, low temperatures, and acid rains
-- resulting in a planet-wide extinction event. In 1990, dramatic
support for this theory came from cosmochemist Alan Hildebrand's
revelation of a 65-million-year-old, 6-12 miles wide, 112-mile-wide ring
structure still detectable under layers of sediment in the Yucatan
Peninsula region of Mexico. The outlines of the structure, called the
CHICXULUB Crater (named for a local village), are visible in the BELOW
three (3) representation(s) of gravity and magnetic field data from the region.

2000 © Credit: Courtesy V.L. Sharpton, LPI

Chicxulub Crater Fossil

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