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Release 30c
ASTEROID = The Global Extinction of the DINOSAURS ~65 MYA
Played to "FIRE in The SKY" by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band!
(1 July 2008)



CRETACEOUS ASTEROID EXTINCTION SUMMARY: This color sketch represents a Late
CRETACEOUS PERIOD asteroid -- perhaps as much as 6 MILES wide -- beginning to
heat up as it first enters Earth's atmosphere at an altitude of some 300,000 to
400,000 feet.  Approaching the southern Caribbean from the southeast at a
shallow, 30 degree angle to Earth's surface, the asteroid is only a few seconds
from direct impact in this illustration.


Dinosaur Asteroid 1
ILLUSTRATION #1: K/T BOUNDARY Extinction-Level Event KILLER ASTEROID as it first
enters Earth's atmosphere!
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Dinosaur Asteroid 2
ILLUSTRATION #2: "Hey, that's NO burning bush!" / Illustration Courtesy of ©
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Dinosaur Asteroid 3
ILLUSTRATION #3: Direct ASTEROID IMPACT in southern Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula
region! This is called the CHICXULUB Crater, which was named for a local village.
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