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Release 30d
The LACERTA FILE: Could a SAURIAN Race Have Evolved From The DINOSAURS?!
Played to: "Lost in My World" by the Outsiders!
(1 July 2008)

CRITICAL THINKING: The DINOSAURS were around for ~185.5 MILLION years
and Mankind has been around for ~200-300,000 years and one can see what
we've accomplished as a species in such a relatively SHORT period of
time on Earth. Scientists have found that the intelligence of an animal
is related to the ratio between the size of its brain and the size of
its body. This ratio is called the ENCEPHALIZATION QUOTIENT. Based on
THIS figure, the MOST INTELLIGENT dinosaur was the "TROODON", a
10-foot-long hunter from the END of the CRETACEOUS Period.

QUESTION: During those ~185.5 MILLION years that DINOSAURS ruled in the
MESOZOIC ERA, could a SAURIAN RACE have naturally evolved into a
SENTIENT BEING (like Homo sapiens sapiens) and then emigrated from Earth
when they detected an INcoming ASTEROID? Could the frequent reports of
REPTILIAN ALIENS be our ANCESTORS coming back to "THEIR" homeworld as a
matter of monitoring us or just plain curiosity?!

THIS perspective was actually presented on the "STAR TREK VOYAGER" TV
series in season #3, episode #165 entitled "Distant Origins!"

SHOW SYNOPSIS: The SAURIANS [Genus Hadrosaur] vanished when a mass
extinction occurred at the END of the CRETACEOUS PERIOD. Some of the
SAURIANS escaped Earth on "city-ships" when a land mass they lived on
was destroyed by the K/T BOUNDARY EVENT ~65.5 MYA. HADROSAURS
(duckbilled dinosaurs) were the most common and varied plant-eating
ornithopods, and the GREATEST SUCCESS STORY in the history of the

HOWEVER, many scientists believe that IF the dinosaurs had NOT become
extinct, the "TROODON" dinosaur MIGHT have evolved to become as
intelligent as MODERN HUMANS. They have named this "imaginary" creature



Dinosaur 14
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