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Release 30f
Could THESE be The Small DINOSAURS Abducted Onboard The ALIEN Craft?!
(1 July 2008)

Dinosaur 9
IMAGE #1: LUNCHTIME! 4 small DINOSAURS ... were 2 out of this small group found
onboard the ALIEN craft?! Some DINOSAURS were as small as chickens!
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Dinosaur 4
IMAGE #2: Identification Parade of DINOSAURS from the late TRIASSIC Period
through the late CRETACEOUS Period!
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Dinosaur 5
IMAGE #3: Parade of DINOSAURS From ALL Periods! Were some of these found onboard
the ALIEN craft as babies?!
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Dinosaur 2
IMAGE #4: JURASSIC Period SAUROPODS on a leisurely Sunday family outing at the lake!
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