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Release 30h
What Earth Looked Like With FIRES Raging Everywhere After the K/T BOUNDARY EVENT!
(1 July 2008)


CRETACEOUS PERIOD-CENOZOIC ERA - Most of the Earth's land has been
scorched by fire at some time in the past, and sometimes in the very
DISTANT PAST like the K/T BOUNDARY EVENT of ~65 MYA which caused the
extinction of the DINOSAURS and ushered in the CENOZOIC ERA. Although
causing many a tragedy -- people and dinosaurs alike! -- fire is
considered part of a NATURAL ecosystem cycle. Large forest fires on
Earth are usually caused by lightning and can be visible from orbit
EXCEPT in the case of the K/T BOUNDARY EVENT. Below, this fire swept
through MONTANA's Bitterfoot Valley and what the FIRES raging worldwide
~65 MYA may very well have looked like.

NOTE: Please see "Project SERPO" RELEASE #30i

2000 © Credit: John McColgan (AFS, BLM)

Dinosaur Asteroid 5
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