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Release 31
(2 July 2008)

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UFO THREAD LIST: I regret to inform all of you that a member of the
prestigious and highly regarded DIA-6 -- as viewed within USG intel
circles -- left us in his sleep in the early morning hours of Monday,
June 30, 2008. What follows is an abstract of this man's remarkable,
rich, full, rewarding and very satisfying life. Please join me in
sending positive vibes his way as he makes his way around in the


TRUE and LEGAL NAME: MASKED from public view


DOB: Monday, December 10, 1917, PA

DOD: Monday, June 30, 2008, SW, USA  Age: 90

B.S.: Electrical Engineering, Univ of Pittsburgh

M.S.: Electrical Engineering, MIT


° U.S. Army Air Corp, 1942;

° Flew 214 combat missions in a B-17 over Germany during WWII;

° Recalled to active duty in 1951, he moved to the USAF as a pilot
where he flew 114 combat missions over the Korean conflict in a B-25;

° "The CROW" went to work for the U.S. Army Intelligence Corps in 1952
as a USAF officer until 1961;

° In 1961, he was transferred to the newly-formed DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE

° "The CROW" moved into a civilian status in 1964, but held an Air
Force Reserve rank and retired from the U.S. Air Force Reserves in
1968 as a Colonel; he retired from the DIA in 1977 in the GM Senior
Executive Level Service employee as a GM-18.


After his retirement, he consulted for E-Systems Corporation and the
Los Alamos National Laboratory in the area of "Black Projects."

During his government service, he worked on ALL aspects of "Project
AQUARIUS," "Project GLEEM," "Project BLUEBOOK" and GALLANT Projects.

"The CROW" worked at both the Nevada Test Site/Area 51 and at the
Los Alamos National Laboratory where he examined and conducted
experiments on "special" aircraft and "foreign" aircraft designs.

He was VERY instrumental in analyzing "gifts" given to us by our
"visitors" and explaining HOW these "gifts" worked.


"The CROW" was married to his soulmate, childhood sweetheart and the
love of his life, Denise for 51 years who passed away on Thursday,
January 17, 1991.

He left behind three (3) sons, one (1) daughter, 15 grandchildren
and eight (8) great grandchildren!

"The CROW" will be laid to rest in the Southwest USA in the State of

"Do SOMEthing of service with your life for other people. Because then
you'll know -- at the END of YOUR days -- that it mattered that YOU were
HERE." The late Bob Curry, father of Ann Curry, co-host of NBC's
"The TODAY Show."

Given his remarkable life's achievements, one would have to say that
"The CROW" certainly lived up to those lofty expectations, challenges
and goals....
"The CROW's" obituary written, researched and presented by "Project
SERPO" Moderator Victor Martinez