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Release #36: The UNtold Story of EBE #1 at Roswell


In many ways, this release if far different than any of the previous 35 (thirty-five) releases in two (2) respects:

  1. There are six (6) main sections and each section could almost be a release in and of itself;
  2. For Section VI, there are 10 (ten) sub sections within it, so there are a total of 15 fifteen) sections; some are short, some are very lengthy (5 sections + 10 subsections = 15);
  3. Some could almost be viewed as “repeats” of previous SERPO releases except that the information is slightly different, so a close reading for comparison and contrast of almost the same, identical information from previous posts is warranted and demanded.

Section III will be of particular interest to many of the loyal followers of the “Project SERPO” saga as purposely disseminated DISinformation was issued/published by this moderator, but all to protect the “ULTRA SECRET”: The identity of an UNsung “Silent American Hero” whose world of peace and quiet may very well have been shattered and DISrupted by a stampede of inquiring minds ... you decide if I made the right call ... I believe I did....

You are ALL strongly encouraged to provide feedback by posting your views and perspective(s), share your thoughts and opinions, and offer any additional verifiable information including your own personal experiences and insights at the official “Project SERPO” online forum and discussion board located at:

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-- Project SERPO RELEASE #36 --


-- As Relayed by Anonymous II --

Ebe #I — Was found in the Roswell crash site near Corona, NM. Ebe #l was slightly hurt and quickly recovered from his wounds. Ebe #1 was a mechanic. He was able to communicate through pictures with Army personnel. They placed him in an isolation room at the Roswell Army Airfield. In September 1947, he was transferred to Kirtland Field and was again isolated in a medical unit.

During this time period, Ebe #1 worked with top military linguists. They were able to communicate with him by showing him photographs. They later developed symbols to communicate words.

[In linguistics, these are known as LOGOGRAMS or LOGOGRAPHS].

Eventually, Ebe #I was able to utilize these symbols to communicate his wants and needs. Ebe # I was able to eat simple foods, such as bread, fruits, pasta, salads, and cheese. However, meats caused him problems and he would vomit the meats. Ebe #1 was examined by numerous medical doctors and scientists. They took skin samples, examined his body fluids and conducted X-rays on him. They found that Ebe #l had one (1) primary organ that worked as his heart and lungs; that organ was combined.

He had a simple digestion system. One (1) organ worked as a stomach and one (1) other organ worked as his intestines. They could find NO liver, pancreas, or gall bladder. Apparently, Ebe #l's stomach acted as all of these organs or he just didn't need them. Ebe #l had small glands on his hands, arms and legs. His glands would enlarge at certain times. Scientists could not figure out what these glands were for nor their use.

Ebe #I measured 4'3" tall and weighed 60-lbs. His weight never varied; however his height did. During the winter months, his height would increase by about one (1) inch. His body generated heat by some means that our scientists could not determine. Ebe #I wore a tight-fitting 1-piece suit. That suit was all he needed to maintain his correct body heat. The suit was made of an elastic material that retained warmth and kept out cold. Ebe #l had a body heat of 101 degrees which almost never varied. He was provided with a blanket, but he rarely used it.

Ebe # I's blood was light red, but contained similar cells such as red and white blood cells. This blood also contained numerous things our scientists could NOT identify. Ebe #l's body did not require a large quantity of water/fluids. He was able to extract the fluids required to maintain his proper levels through the break down of food. His body was able to somehow determine the correct amount of fluids required and eliminate the remaining UNused fluids. It was determined that eating was NOT a pleasurable activity for Ebe #I, but rather a necessity.

Ebe #l was always calm, kind and very considerate. He never got excited, rude nor was mean spirited. He was very social, even though he couldn't understand others around him. He liked to touch people and learned that holding a human hand was a common social practice. He was very docile. Even when scientists were poking and examining him, he seemed to understand as he just let them go about their business. He was always willing to communicate or attempted to communicate. He quickly learned the symbols system and eventually learned our language in a very simple way.

In 1950, Ebe #l was moved to a special facility created for him at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. He lived in a little 3-room apartment. His handler, who was assigned to him in 1949, joined and lived with him in the apartment. They became such great companions that neither wanted to separate.

It was found that Ebe #1 could NOT speak our language because of the lack of vocal cords in his throat [the Ebens communicated via tonal inflections amongst themselves]. A brilliant doctor developed a device that was implanted into Ebe #l's throat which allowed him to speak English. Although crude, he was able to speak simple sentences and eventually communicate through English to his handler.

During the entire time Ebe #1 was alive, he had medical problems. He developed a rash on his body that irritated Ebe #l. Several different medicines were tried and eventually the rash went away. Ebe #1 developed a cough that seemed to be connected to a food allergy. They found that certain fruits would cause the cough. Eventually, the cough subsided, but he was left with a sore throat.

Ebe #1 was shown the items recovered in the Roswell crash site. Ebe #1 was able to teach us how to utilize the communication and energy devices. We also found a medical kit, which contained small injectable tubes. Ebe #l didn't know what each item was for, but he explained they were for injuries. Scientists experimented and determined that each tube contained a chemical substance. Not knowing what they were for, they were cautious not to use them on Ebe #l for fear they would do more harm than good.

Artist rendering of the two (2) soon-to-be doomed Eben spacecraft as they approached Earth in June-July 1947 after making a 9-month, 1-way trip from their homeworld Planet SERPO/Reticulum IV located 38.42 light-years away in the Reticulum Constellation


figure 2
Artist depiction of one of the Eben spacecraft that crashed on a rancher Mac Brazel's land in Lincoln County near Corona, NM, on or Thursday, June 12 – Tuesday, July 1, 1947; the craft's sole survivor and the ship's mechanic Ebe #1 exits his downed craft nervously awaiting for what comes next....


figure 3
The site of the second crash site near Shaw Mountain south of the Plains of San Agustin in western New Mexico; this second site was found in 1949 by some ranchers


figure 4
What the crashed and recovered ALIEN might have looked like when it was housed at Roswell Army Air Field [RAAF] in 1947 before its transfer to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


-- As Relayed by Anonymous I [below] --

There was NOT a rescue mission launched for Ebe #1. The only two (2) Eben crafts that were near Earth crashed. Ebe #1 did say they sent a distress signal to Planet SERPO, but it would take at least nine (9) months for the nearest rescue craft to reach them. Ebe #1 died in 1952, and his body, along with those of his crew mates, were returned to the Ebens in 1964 during the meeting in New Mexico. The Eben craft was stored in Ohio and then moved to NV; I believe it is still at the Nevada Test Site, NV.

There were two (2) other exchange missions. I was never involved and don't have the details. The only surviving Eben was taken to the Roswell base and placed in the custody of the lead intelligence officer. The Eben was totally isolated. He was moved to Los Alamos the next day by a military convoy. The Eben died at Los Alamos in 1952. He was isolated from almost everyone. President Truman saw him. No Navy JAG was ever involved. That is another one of those totally false stories. These UFO “researchers” who write these books and make up stories ... only a few know the actual truth about the Roswell crash.

The Ebens did not have this [teletransporter] technology. They have space travel and can venture through space defying the time barrier. As for our technology: I don't think we have it. We don't have the Star Trek “beam-me-up-Scotty” type of technology.

I find it difficult to read stories and lies being spread by the UFO community about our ET friends. That is the main reason we cannot support the general UFO community nor its many contributors.

We enjoy your e-mails. “Mr Hero” reads them with vigor and great interest. Thank you.




#2) A LOGOGRAM or LOGOGRAPH is a written or printed symbol which represents a WORD or a character (as in Oriental languages). The best known logographic system is Chinese comprised of Mandarin and Cantonese dialects, and its derivative script Japanese Kanji.

LOGOGRAMS should be distinguished from a PHONOGRAM which represents a sound or group of sounds; a PICTOGRAM or a IDEOGRAM represents an object or an idea independently or words.

#3) TONOLOGY or TONE LANGUAGE: One in which phonological units within words are distinguished by a distinct pitch level of syllable, a distinct tone or sequence of tones as the Ebens use. The division of an utterance into tone groups is called TONALITY. The historical development of a tonal language is known as TONOGENESIS. Languages which are dependent on pitch level are known as TONE LANGUAGES.

In some languages, if an utterance is spoken in a high tone or low tone it can actually carry a different meaning; this phenomenon is known as TONE SANDHI. The study of the forms and uses of tone in language is known as TONOLOGY. The study of the phonetic properties of tone is known as TONETICS. The study of contrastive tones such as “low” “mid” and “high” is known as TONEMICS, and the contrasting tones themselves are classified as TONEMES. The tones in which the Ebens spoke in their various pitches were classified as “contour,” “kinetic,” or “dynamic” tones; those which do NOT vary in range are “static” or “level” tones.

#4) SEMIOTICS: The scientific study of the properties of signaling systems, whether natural or artificial. It refers to the study of SIGN and SYMBOL systems, which is a part of linguistics. It is also known as SEMIOLOGY, SEMASIOLOGY and SIGNIFICS.

Thus, not only are words [linguistic] “signs,” but so are traffic lights, gestures, hand signals, Xmas presents GIFTS, architectural features, UFOs, ETs, etc., or ANYthing else that in the broadest sense has “meaning.”

The branch of this subject which has received the most study and attention – and which concerns the Eben/ET-human interaction/communication – is the VOCAL-AUDITORY mode primarily through the subjects of PHONETICS and LINGUISTICS.

The study of visual communication is known as KINESICS. The study of touch behavior and associated phenomena (such as body orientation, distance between people, etc.) is called PROXEMICS. The study of the relation between linguistic expression and the objects in the world which they refer to or describe is called SEMANTICS. The study of these relations to each other is called SYNTACTICS. The study of the dependence of the meaning of these expressions on their users -- especially in the social situation in which they are used -- is called PRAGMATICS.


figure 5 Various images of an EBEN as provided by many witnesses who have observed the creature as they explored our planet; images are also provided by USG personnel who claim to have first-hand knowledge of the Eben's appearance and vouch for the accuracy of these various depictions ABOVE

figure 6 Though only a mock-up, USG insiders claim this is a very accurate representation of how one (1) of the dead EBENS appeared after the Roswell crash of July 1947 as it was examined at Roswell Army Air Field before being placed in small, child-sized coffins for transport to Wright-Patterson AFB

figure 7 The two (2) EBEN bodies from the Roswell crash of July 1947 were eventually returned to their homeworld when another Eben spacecraft made the 7-month journey from SERPO to retrieve their fallen comrades

figure 8 Said by many USG insiders to be the best and most accurate image of an EBEN from Planet SERPO (Reticulum IV) in the Zeta I and II Twin Star System located 38.42 light-years away in the Reticulum Constellation


Section II: The Origins of The Very First "Project SERPO" Release!

-- As Relayed by a Current DIA Operative --

The most interesting meeting of all [from the Sept 2015 MUFON UFO Symposium] was the meeting with "Mr Y." I traveled to XXXXX, CA, and made contact with "Mr J." It took me a little while to find his place. Actually, he lives with his XXXXX. He had a small cottage attached to the main house. Although I'm not completely sure if he lives there all of the time, it appeared that he lives there at least part of the time. "Mr J" did not look 92 years old. He was in excellent health. He was 5-ft 9-in, 160 lbs, gray hair, with a receding hair line and blue eyes. For the initial contact, "Mr J" asked me questions about my past, my current situation and mentioned my XXXXX. Later on in the conversation, he mentioned a distant relative of mine, XXXXX.

"Mr J" wanted my opinion on politics, President Obama, why I lived in XXXXX, questions regarding my childhood, my military career in the DIA, my education, my family and finally my reasons for getting involved with "Project SERPO." Needless to say, this first meeting took up a lot of time with answering his questions. "Project SERPO didn't come up much during this first meeting. "Mr J" had to attend another intelligence meeting and we ended this first meeting by his asking me to come back later. I told him I could come back whenever he wished. We made arrangements for about 1900 [7 p.m.] that evening. (After meeting with Victor [Martinez], I drove back to "Mr J's").

During our second meeting, "Mr J" felt a little more at ease speaking about the subject. We spoke about the beginnings of the "Project SERPO" postings, which "Mr J" said had actually come from him, but were routed to a second party in Arizona comprised of retired DIA/intel operatives aka "The DIA-6." "Mr J" admitted to being in charge of the segmented, controlled releases, but not necessarily in charge of the entire release project which was being managed at a much ligher level.

I asked "Mr J" if he had been a member of the original "Project SERPO" team or was just on the project. "Mr J" stated he was one of 240 people who were briefed into the program, but he was never a Team Member nor was he ever involved in the actual mission planning. He became involved just prior to the first landing at Holloman AFB. He then became involved in the operational security part of the project from just prior to the second landing and departure through the early '70s.

"Mr J" then left the intelligence community and retired. "Mr J" stayed involved and was there when the "Project SERPO" team returned in 1978. "Mr J" then walked me into his back room, adjacent to his bedroom. In a closet, I observed three (3) filing cabinets (GSA style/General Services Administration), and a number of old crypto-style boxes stacked in the corner of the closet (I didn't actually count them).

He pulled out one of the boxes and opened it. Inside were numerous labeled CASSETTE TAPES. They were labeled with a number and contained some type of writing, maybe some notes, but I couldn't make them out. He told me ALL of the information about "Project SERPO" were contained on these tapes. He would send a tape on to Arizona, where the information was typed/transcribed into a particular format. Then the information was sent on to the releaser, which -- at the time -- he only knew was a "Victor." I mentioned the SERPO.org website.

I explained that [Bill] Ryan originally had created the website and he was simply the caretaker of it; the idea for such a website was first given to Ryan by UFO researcher Bill Hamilton. I further explained that an online discussion board, the OutPost Forum, was now in charge of the SERPO.org website and was just posting new information whenever they received a new release from Victor Martinez.

"Mr J" then showed me some photographs, he pulled out from the first filing cabinet, first drawer.

– The first photograph was of the "Project SERPO" Team Members standing in front of an Eben house, with five (5) Ebens standing in front of the 11 (eleven) members; it was a black and white picture. The photographer was standing a bit too far, but it was still a good picture.

– The second photograph showed the initial landing. The photograph was taken from just outside the Eben spacecraft and depicted the welcoming Ebens standing on the ground.

– The third photograph was of the departure from Nevada. It showed the Eben interplanetary spacecraft on the ground, surrounded by U.S. military officers and security personnel. The craft was absolutely enormous in size. The photograph was taken from a distance away and captured almost the entire craft. It looks like one of those crafts in the July 3, 1996 movie "Independence Day."

– He then showed me several photographs of the actual Roswell crash site, and one of the second crash site. He gave me a copy of the first photograph of the Roswell crash site and told me to be careful where I circulated it.

We spoke about the nature of the "Project SERPO" release program. I explained how curious I was that someone or some entity wanted this incredible story out. He said there was a very good reason for it and that the releases themselves had been approved by a certain faction who operated at the very highest levels of the U.S. government. I didn't ask any other specific questions about that because he kept changing the subject.

He then walked me into his living room, opened another closet and removed a box. Inside the box was the actual icon of the ALIEN photograph I had been given during a meeting in Austin. He had the actual ICON! I examined it and it appeared to be perfectly made, almost hand carved, but then again not. It was painted with a very strange type of paint. It was made from wood, but "Mr J" noted that I wouldn't find any wood like that on Earth!

He then showed me a statue of the Eben god. It was made of some type of material that you could almost squeeze, but strangely it didn't leave an impression. He then showed me a small digging device, which he described as an Eben shovel. It was made of some type of porous metal, nothing like I've ever seen before. These items were brought back by the "Project SERPO" Team Members and he received these as gifts from Mr. Hero. He made one (1) major mistake while speaking with me. He mentioned the word "George" in context with "Mr. Hero." I never said anything, but "Mr J" just UNwittingly told me that Mr. Hero's first name was "George."

I thanked "Mr J" and hoped to visit him again. He told me I was NOT to reveal ANYthing relating to his address, name or private information that he had relayed to me. I promised I wouldn't and wished him well. I did remark that he was in excellent health for his age. He told me the California climate was good for his health and he regularly drank Papaya juice four (4) times per day. That was the highlight of my trip to this year's UFO Symposium in Irvine, CA, and the one very important intelligence contact I made as a result of the MUFON UFO Conference. I think it went very well and it will be extremely productive for us in the future and/or for future releases. – DIA Operative

MODERATOR's NOTE: There has been much discussion within the intelligence community regarding the identity of "Mr HERO"; some have him as Retired USAF Colonel JAMES ALLISON McKEEVER. Only with the passage of time and the "right" people reading this release may his true identity be revealed someday....


Section III: The “Ultra Secret” of The “Project SERPO”

Aftermath: The Lone Survivor and How “Mr HERO's" Existence and Identity Were Masked by The DIA Until His December 2014 Death!

-- As Relayed by Anonymous I --

-- From a Saturday, December 3, 2005 e-mail exchange


This e-mail must be private. Just between you and me; I am not trying to test you, so don't worry.

I was not entirely truthful to you regarding the 12-member "Project SERPO" team. NOT all have died. One is still alive, but I wanted to protect his identity and prevent anyone from trying to find him. He is the last survivor. He is 75-years-old, a retired colonel and was one of the pilots on the team. He was Team Member No. #225, certified in F102s, F106s and F89s. When he returned to Earth, his identity was changed, as were the others. But this person is still alive. He resides in the southwest and has been providing me with many bits of information.

I have traveled to the southwest several times during the past few months, interviewing him. He is in pretty good shape. He did have [lung] cancer, so they removed his left lung. But that was 18 years ago and since then, he hasn't had any recurring problems. He loves golf and plays it three (3) times per week. He is a "Silent American Hero." Very few people are aware of his existence, other than a special security detail/ops group within DIA, who protects his identity. But I do not want anyone knowing we have a survivor. You can understand why. What a barnstorm of private investigative work and UFO "researchers" if any of them knew of a "Project SERPO" survivor.

Our plan, which is proceeding well, will call for a partial disclosure in February 2006 and a full disclosure in August 2006. Our survivor -- we'll call "Mr. Hero" -- won't ever be mentioned, but he will be involved in the disclosure process.

Thanks again for all of your support.


-- As Relayed by a Member of The The DIA-6 From a Thursday, May 8, 2008 e-mail exchange:

The last survivor of the "Project SERPO" mission died on Thursday, December 11, 2014. He was buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors. All of his diaries, etc., are stored in AZ. We still have hundreds of recordings that must be VIEWED and HEARD.


IN MEMORIAM: Dedicated to "Mr HERO" and The Public Service He UNselfishly Gave to America!

"MAJOR TOM ... COMING HOME" - Peter Schilling, September, 9-24-1983
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt-R5hj_lWM [4 min]

- FANTASTIC Space Exploration Images! -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9jCCN1e64M&NR=1 [4 min]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CCdhCOFj74 [8:15 min - Extended Version]


MODERATOR's NOTES: When the "Project SERPO" Release #28 – "The REAL Story Behind The POPE's Visit!" was published, Mr HERO was still very much alive. In fact, it was Mr HERO who met with Pope Benedict XVI, NOT an ALIEN entity as was suggested by the use of the term "Our Special Guest [OSG].


I had to purposely DISinform the "Project SERPO" audience because protecting Mr HERO's very existence was of paramount importance and I was tasked to do this. And now, for the first time, I will share w/ you the ORIGINAL E-MAIL RELEASE vs the "doctored" one I produced to cover up Mr HERO's meeting with the pope. For ALL 36 (thirty-six) "Project SERPO" releases, this is the ONLY instance where I purposely MISled my audience; I do NOT apologize given the greater good and purpose which were well served by my decision.

BOTTOM LINE: When reading the initialism "OSG" ["Our Special Guest"] used in "Project SERPO" Release #28, replace "OSG" with "Mr Hero" for the correct context and proper perspective under which this part of Release #28 was written.

DOCTORED RELEASE: OUR SPECIAL GUEST just arrived back from a trip to the east, where he had a personal conversation with the pope, Pope Benedict XVI. The pope knows about OSG past missions. The pope was excited to hear details. OSG originally had just 30 minutes to brief the pope, but that time ended up being two (2) hours.

The ACTUAL RELEASE: Mr. Hero just arrived back from a trip to the East Coast, where he had a personal conversation with the pope, Pope Benedict XVI. The pope knows about Mr. Hero's past mission. The pope was excited to hear details. Mr. Hero originally had just 30 minutes to brief the pope, but that time ended up being two (2) hours.

DOCTORED RELEASE: When OSG met with the pope, they discussed his trip from SERPO, the 13-year stay of our 11 Team Members, their interaction with the Ebens, the past visitation of the Ebens to planet Earth and the future. The pope knew about the trip and knew about the six (6) most recent past visitations of the Ebens to our Earth.

The ACTUAL RELEASE: When Mr. Hero met with the Pope, they discussed his trip to SERPO, the 13-year stay of our 11 Team Members, their interaction with the Ebens, the past visitation of the Ebens to planet Earth and the future. The pope knew about the trip and knew about the six (6) most recent past visitations of Ebens to our Earth.

They occurred on the following dates: Friday, August 18, 1978; Thursday, April 28, 1983; Sunday, April 7, 1991; Tuesday, October 22, 1996; Sunday, November 28, 1999 and Wednesday, November 14, 2001. All visitations occurred at the Groom Lake Complex. During each visit, a representative from the Vatican was present.

The pope was particularly interested in the religious activity of the Ebens. The Ebens worshipped a god. The pope feels their god is the same as ours. The Ebens worshipped differently, but not so much. In fact, Mr. Hero brought back artifacts of the Eben's god that fits directly with our god. Several Eben paintings, sculptured statues and carved fetishes were similar to our god. In fact, the story of their god, appearing thousands of years ago on Planet SERPO and the setting up of religious sects on their planet, is very similar to our story of Jesus.

The Ebens chant verses, which, when translated, are similar to our prayers. The Ebens' chants contain 26 verses; they repeat these verses every day at their prayer hour, which is in the afternoon (Serpo day). The chants sound like Tibetan chants. On a particular Eben day of their year, the Ebens expand the chants to 38 verses. The extra 12 chants, pertain to "angels" which we translate into saints who have helped the Eben society. This information has never been released.

The aforementioned information is something that might help hold people's attention on this subject until ALL of our disclosure documents have been released....


The prescient comments offered by ANONYMOUS I in the third paragraph to the last paragraph ABOVE, “In fact, the story of their god, appearing thousands of years ago on Planet SERPO and the setting up of religious sects on their planet, is very similar to our story of Jesus,” was actually suggested before by renown computer scientist and astronomer Jacques Vallee on a “Coast to Coast AM” interview.

In the interest of promoting, encouraging and generating a spirited, lively discussion/debate on the OutPost Forum -- and elsewhere -- I will now reproduce verbatim the salient parts of Professor Paul Davies' very timely, relevant article from the September 2003 issue of Atlantic Monthly magazine entitled, "E.T. and GOD" to ANONYMOUS I's timely observations. Is "Jesus Christ" some kind of special entity sent by the Cosmic Architect to "hopscotch" across the vast expanses of the cosmos "saving" worlds for their own "salvation and redemption" as he allegedly did here 2,000+ years ago?! Read on!


The discovery of just a single bacterium somewhere beyond Earth would force us to revise our understanding of who we are and where we fit into the cosmic scheme of things, throwing us into a deep SPIRITUAL IDENTITY CRISIS that would be every bit as dramatic as the one Copernicus brought about in the early 1500s, when he asserted that Earth was NOT as the center of the universe.

The discovery of ALIEN SUPERBEINGS might not be so corrosive to religion if human beings could still claim special spiritual status. After all, religion is concerned primarily with people's relationship to God, rather than with their biological or intellectual qualities. It IS possible to imagine ALIEN BEINGS who are smarter and wiser than we are, but who are spiritually inferior, or just plain evil.

However, it is more likely that any civilization who had surpassed us scientifically would have improved on our level of moral development, too. One may even speculate that an advanced ALIEN SOCIETY would sooner or later find some way to genetically eliminate evil behavior, resulting in a race of saintly beings.

Suppose then that E.T. is far ahead of us not only scientifically and technologically, but SPIRITUALLY, too. Where does that leave mankind's presumed “special relationship” with God?! This conundrum poses particular difficulty for Christians because of the unique nature of the [divine] Incarnation [of Jesus.] Of all the world's major religions, Christianity is the most species-specific. Jesus Christ was HUMANITY's SAVIOR and redeemer. He did NOT die for the dolphins nor the gorillas, and certainly not for the proverbial “LITTLE GREEN MEN.”

But what about deeply spiritual ALIENS? Are they not to be “saved?!” Can we contemplate a universe that contains perhaps a TRILLION worlds of saintly beings, but in which the ONLY BEINGS eligible for “salvation” inhabit a planet where murder, rape and other evils are rife?!

Those few Christian theologians who have addressed this thorny issue divide into two (2) camps. Some posit MULTIPLE INCARNATIONS [of Jesus] and even MULTIPLE CRUCIFIXIONS – God taking on little green flesh to save little green men, as a prominent Anglican minster once told me.

But most are appalled by this idea or find it ludicrous. After all, in the Christian view of the world, Jesus was God's ONLY SON. Would God have the same person born, killed and resurrected in an endless succession on planet after planet?!

This scenario was lampooned as long ago as 1794, by Thomas Paine. “The Son of God,” he wrote in The Age of Reason, “and sometimes God himself, would have nothing else [better] to do than to travel from world to world, in an endless succession of death, with scarcely a momentary interval of life.”

Paine went on to argue that Christianity was simply INcompatible with the existence of extraterrestrial beings, writing, “He who thinks believes in both has thought, but little of either.”

Catholics tend to regard the idea of multiple incarnations as verging on heresy ... because it would seem to automate an act that is supposed to be God's singular gift.

“God chose a very specific way to redeem human beings,” writes George Coyne, a Jesuit priest and the director of the Vatican Observatory, whose own research includes astrobiology. “He sent his ONLY son, Jesus, to [die for] them and Jesus gave up his life so that human beings would be saved from their sin. Did God do this for extraterrestrials?!” ... The theological implications about God are getting ever more serious.”

Paul Tillich, one of the few Protestant theologians to give serious consideration to the issue of ALIEN BEINGS, took a more positive view. “Man CANNOT claim to occupy the ONLY possible place for incarnation,” he wrote.

Even for those Christians who dismiss the idea of multiple incarnations there is an interesting fallback position: Perhaps the course of evolution has an element of directionality with human-like beings the inevitable end product. Even if Homo sapiens as such may NOT be the unique focus of God's attention, the broader class of ALL HUMAN-LIKE BEINGS in the universe might be.

Darwinian biologist Simon Conway Morris maintains the “human-like niche” is likely to be filled on other planets that have advanced life. He even goes so far as to argue that extraterrestrials would have a HUMANOID FORM. It is NOT a great leap from this conclusion to the belief that extraterrestrials would sin, have consciences, struggle with ethical questions, and fear death.

SETI [Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence] is often accused of being a quasi-religious quest. But Jill Tarter, the director of the SETI Institute's Center for SETI Research in Mountain View, CA, has NO truck with religion and is contemptuous of the theological gymnastics with which religious scholars accommodate the possibility of extraterrestrials.

“God is OUR own invention,” she has written. “If we're going to survive or turn into a long-lived technological civilization, organized religion needs to be OUTgrown. If we get a message [from an ALIEN civilization] and it's secular in nature, I think that says that they have NO organized religion – that they've OUTGROWN it.”

-- END ARTICLE #1 --

A professor of psychology and linguistics at Yale University, Dr Paul Bloom also penned a very relevant article to the discussion at hand entitled, is “IS GOD AN ACCIDENT?” in the December 2005 issue of Atlantic Monthly magazine. In choice excerpts I've reproduced, he writes:


Despite the vast number of religions, nearly everyone in the world believes in the same things: the existence of a soul, an afterlife, miracles and the divine creation of the universe. Recently psychologists doing research on the minds of infants have discovered two (2) related facts that may account for this phenomenon.

One: Human beings come into this world with a predisposition to believe in supernatural phenomena. And two: This predisposition is an incidental by-product of cognitive functioning gone awry. Which leads to the question ... Is God an accident?

Enthusiasm is building among scientists for the view that religion emerged NOT to serve a purpose – not as an opiate or social glue – but by accident. It is a by-product of biological adaptations gone awry.

Religious teachings certainly shape many of the specific beliefs we hold; nobody is born with the idea that the birthplace of humanity was the Garden of Eden, or that the soul enters the body at the moment of conception, or that martyrs will be rewarded with sexual access to scores of virgins. These ideas are LEARNED. But the universal themes of religion are NOT learned. They emerge as accidental by-products of our mental systems. They are part of human nature.

The theory of natural selection is an empirically supported account of our existence. But almost nobody believes it. We may intellectually grasp it, but it will never feel right. Our gut feeling is that design REQUIRES A DESIGNER.

-- END ARTICLE #2 --

And now to end this special insert section, here is one (1) choice paragraph reproduced from the July 2006 issue of DISCOVER Magazine. Harvard professor of theoretical physics Dr Lisa J Randall sat down with the editors of DISCOVER Magazine for a Q & A interview; here is the final question posed from that insightful interview:


QUESTION: So does your science leave space for UNtestable faith? Do you believe in God?

ANSWER: There's room there, and it could go either way. Faith just doesn't have anything to do with what I'm doing as a scientist. It's nice if you can believe in God because then you see more of a purpose in things. Even if you don't, though, it doesn't mean that there's NO purpose. It doesn't mean that there's no goodness. I think there's virtue in being good in and of itself. I think that one can [still] work with the world we have.

So I probably don't believe in God. I think it's a problem that people are considered IMmoral if they're not religious. That's just NOT true. This might earn me some enemies, but in some ways they may be even more moral. If you do something for a religious reason, you do it because you'll be rewarded in an afterlife or in this world. That's NOT quite as good as something you do for purely generous reasons.”

figure 9The possibility that a Supreme Being created a physical life form and extension of himself to be placed on planets with sentient life forms as a way of teaching them how to lead a model existence has been theorized and discussed quite often. The September 2003 of Atlantic Monthly magazine raised this issue in an article by Professor Paul Davies who asks if this being – Jesus Christ – was unique to only Earth OR if he “hopscotched” across the universe “saving” other worlds who also needed “salvation” and “redemption”

figure 10 If and WHEN it is definitely determined that we are NOT the only sentient life forms in the universe, how will this paradigm shift affect Earth's religions as they ALL claim to have a “monopoly on the truth” while no others are accepted; why can't other sentient life forms have their own “savior” and why would their claims that they did have one be any less legitimate than our own?!


Section IV: The Origins of “Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT”: The Forerunner to The “Project SERPO” Exchange Mission

-- As Relayed by a Decorated USAF Major via The DIA --

1) Briefing Notes: From a Retired USAF Major

2) I became involved in “Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT” in the summer of 1958. I was assigned to Holloman AFB where I was briefed into a program that involved communication with an extraterrestrial race known as the Ebens. I had known about Roswell as part of an earlier briefing in 1952. Although I had never had any contact with Ebe #1, I did view photographs and a film showing the creature and its handler. This would be the same film shown to others who were similarly briefed into this very special program.

3) During the summer of 1958, I was called to Sandia Base (Kirtland AFB) for a top secret meeting. There were command officials present. General Charles Cabell, USAF was in charge of a group who would eventually control "Crystal Knight." Other members in the group, were: Phil Howell, George Simler, Miles Doyle, Bob Hall, Curtis Frisbie, Harry Robb, Earl Butts, Richard Hamaski and Jack Thomas. All were members of the USAF, while most were in AF Security Groups (AF Intelligence back then). A presentation was given on an extraordinary planned event involving contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence located on another planet. The project called for several levels.

First, establishing a series of communication relay stations around the world that would receive signals from this ET civilization and relay it to a central location -- Sandia Base. Sandia Base (Kirtland AFB) had recently (in the late 1950s) established a space dish at XXXXX (these are XXXXX's words), that could gather signals from outer space. The group was also told that a very sophisticated communications system was found on the ALIEN spacecraft recovered near Roswell, and that this communications system was actively in contact with this ET civilization.

The 2044th Communication Squadron (AF) was responsible for operating the communications system, along with personnel from the U.S. Army Communications Service, and a selected number of civilians from the Los Alamos National Laboratory. The live ALIEN -- who was captured near Roswell – provided the technical information and know-how on how to operate and make functional the sophisticated communications system.

Three (3) members of the 2044th were trained in the technical means to work the ET system. The system was extremely complicated and required a special power source that was found inside of the crashed Roswell ALIEN spacecraft. Once the 2044th technicians learned the system, the communication apparatus was ready to operate. However, the single biggest problem was understanding the language of the ALIENS. The communication system worked with the ALIEN language only, which only one (1) or two (2) USAF officers, who worked with the ALIEN, knew. But it got more complicated as the communication system worked on a written ALIEN language, which the AF officers did not know. From 1952 through 1958, language specialists [linguists from both the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force] worked on translating the written ALIEN language.

However, without some sort of base language codes, that proved to be very difficult. The live ALIEN provided the ALIEN alphabet, but the ALIEN did not have enough prior knowledge nor the requisite English language development skills to translate the alphabet from his language to English. He did manage to crudely provide some basic comparison between the two (2) languages, but not enough to allow us to fully understand their language. Apparently, the communications system was functioning because the 2044th were receiving signals on the communication system. But no one could translate them. The signals came through on a screen, similar to a small television monitor, but they came through in the ALIEN language.

All we could do was copy the symbols of the ALIEN language and hope to translate it someday. I thought that someone probably back during the time the ALIEN was living had done some type of testing on the communication system because two (2) people knew something about it and how it functioned. They also knew some key symbols from the ALIEN language.

Finally, after some concerted, focused efforts by some very smart people, we were able to translate the language, but only about 70% of each message. But that gave us enough information to understand what the ALIENS were sending. The ALIENS wanted to return to Earth and pick up their comrades. Our mission was to plan the event and provide all of the necessary logistics to pull this huge event off.

4) Somewhere along the way, one of the AF communications specialists decided to send an English message to the ALIENS. Now, this would be difficult since the ALIEN communications system did NOT have English letters. But our AF ingenuity came into play. Utilizing a newly created classified military communications system (TAC-STAR), we were able to somehow (I never understood how) wire in the keyboard of a TAC-STAR. This would enable us to type English letters into the ALIEN communication system. I guess it took some time and effort, but it worked. We sent messages in English, along with our alphabet and numbering system. Amazingly, our numbering system was similar to that of the ALIENS. Although our number designations were different, we were able to use lines to indicate the corresponding number.

After several exchanges of messages, the ALIENS got ours before we got theirs. It was obvious to us, we were dealing with a highly advanced civilization. From about June 1960 on, we began receiving messages in English from the ALIENS. They did NOT send/transmit complete sentences, but they did send enough for us to understand the meaning of their message. From that point on, we communicated only in English except for numbers. We grasped their numbering system pretty quickly and used their numbering system since we did not want to provide them with the wrong landing coordinates.

We eventually provided them with the latitudes and longitudes of Earth. We also provided them with our military coordinate system used by our pilots (back in the early days). Sometime in 1962, we figured out how to send photographs in message form. Don't ask me how they did this; I wasn't technically inclined enough to know how they did this. But we did send them black and white photographs of Earth and landing locations.

This was another difficult decision to make. Where do they land? We needed to have a remote landing location which would not result in any adverse publicity. There were literately hundreds of locations selected and analyzed. Most of the locations first selected were remote islands. But there were logistical problems with those locations. We would have to sail ships to these remote locations and that just might give us away. We had to choose a location that would not be suspicious, but still be remote. The group decided on a location west of Holloman AFB near Alamogordo, NM. They actually decided on two (2) locations.

One was a fake landing location on Holloman AFB and then the actual landing location at White Sands, NM. Sometime in late 1962, we all met again this time at a very secure underground facility at Los Alamos. We got some real startling news: Our U.S. government planned to exchange a U.S military team with the ALIENS! I don't remember all of the details, but I remember a lot of key officials at the meeting who thought that this was a bad idea. The reasoning behind their skepticism was this: We knew virtually nothing of this ALIEN race, except for what one (1) surviving ALIEN had told us. How could we trust sending a team of people to another planet?! We knew very little about the planet except that it was about 40 light-years away [38.42]. How long would the trip last and how could our team prepare for such a trip?

These were questions all of the members asked. But the powers that be, mainly General Cabell, said all of that had been worked out. How?! I guessed that somehow, we established better communications with the ALIENS. I was never briefed on everything and I doubted that most of the members knew it all. A lot of the "Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT" program was highly compartmented, so that not any one person knew the scope and breadth of the entire project. I surmised that maybe the ALIENS landed prior to the scheduled 1964 date and possibly exchanged information. But I never had any official knowledge nor confirmation of this.

5) The next big problem was selecting the team. Bob Hall, the commander of a space flight training squadron, was in charge of this level. We also had CIA people and some people from the newly created DIA on board. It took months of deciding on just how to do that. Finally, a plan was put into place to “sheep-dip” ALL of the Team Members. An advertisement was sent out asking anyone interested in volunteering for a space program to apply; it was a semi-classified announcement.

The guise was that the USAF was selecting a special team to travel to the Moon and these people must undergo special training and a special selection process. NONE of the military people trying out for this team knew the real mission. About 500 people applied and that was then narrowed down to about 160. But there was a problem. Some specialties required on this mission were missing. Besides, the requirement called for each Team Member to be single, never married, NO children and if possible, be ORPHANS.

The AF had to go out and recruit two (2) doctors and several other specialties. Finally, after several months of the selection process, 16 (sixteen) Team Members were selected. Twelve (12) who would go on the exchange and four (4) alternates. Once the team was selected, they underwent about six (6) months of extensive training at various locations around the world. Their identities were removed from all agencies, including the IRS, Social Security Administration, military and hometown records. They became "no-named" people. Each was given a 3-digit number. They utilized this number from the first day of training until after the mission was completed – 13 years later in 1978.

There was another very curious thing each member had to do. They signed an agreement (remember they didn't know the specific mission at this point) that if any of them dropped out of the mission for whatever reason, they would agree to be confined until the entire mission was completed. This meant that any member, including the four (4) alternates, would have to be confined for the duration of the mission. At this point, the major didn't know the exact length of the mission. Most of the training was done at the Camp Perry, Virginia facility. I was present during several phases of training at Camp Perry. The exact mission of the team was not disclosed until during the final phase of the training.

6) TRAINING: Each selectee went through the most difficult, grueling and demanding training in the world. Most of it was similar to astronaut training. There was a lot of physiological stress training, high altitude training and parachute training at Ft. Bragg. Each member went through weapons and combat training and the possibility of capture by going through survival, evasion and escape training. Since we had a captured ALIEN spacecraft, every single Team Member was trained on how it functioned and how to fly it just in case they had to escape in one. They also learned the basic ALIEN language, alphabet and phrases. Now this was difficult since the ALIEN spoke in a tonal dialect, basically like singing in a high-pitched voice. Most had extreme difficulty learning this, but the two (2) linguists on the team learned it quickly. During the training, one member decided he could not go on such a dangerous mission. After learning that he would be confined at Ft Leavenworth, KS, until the duration of the mission, the man decided to go on the mission.

7) The landing date was set for Friday, April 24, 1964. The entire group assembled at the White Sands Missile Range, under a cover. We posed as inspectors for a no-notice inspection of Holloman AFB. There was a mistake by the first ALIEN craft entering the area as it apparently got the landing coordinates wrong and landed near Socorro, NM [the Lonnie Zamora incident]. The second craft landed at the correct location.

There were members of the Johnson administration along with the special group. The ALIENS exchanged some gifts and we were able to communicate with them through a translator "wand" given to us by the ALIENS. The meeting lasted about four (4) hours. It was decided that the exchange would NOT occur until the following year. Our team was present and ready to go, but the ALIENS decided to wait until next year.

The date was set for July 1965. The major was present during this meeting, but in the background.

Everything said and done during this meeting was recorded by audio tape and film.


figure 11Artist photoshopped presentation of how the Friday, April 24, 1964, at the White Sands Missile Range may have appeared to lucky insiders who witnessed the event; the meeting between both worlds lasted four (4) hours where gifts were exchanged between representatives of the Johnson administration and the Eben society


figure 12This is how the departure of the 12 “Project SERPO” Team Members may have looked on Tuesday, July 16, 1965 at the Nevada Test Site as they prepared for their 9-month journey, 10-year mission to Planet SERPO/Reticulum IV in the Zeta I and II twin-star system 38.42 light-years away; eight (8) safely returned 13 years, 1 month later in August 1978 at the exact same location: Area 51 "DreamLand" at the NTS

8) The delay presented a problem for our team. What do we do with them for the next 15 months? The team went back into training for about 12 months. The last few months were spent locked up at the U.S. Military Prison, Ft. Leavenworth, KS.

9) We had to decide on another location for the exchange. During the April 1964 meeting, we did not provide another pick-up location. We informed our ALIEN visitors that a location would be selected and they would be informed through the communication system. We finally decided on a remote location at the Nevada Test Site. Since we had hundreds of people employed at that location, we could move almost anything into that area without anyone becoming suspicious. We had a good counterintelligence program in place that would mask the landing and provide plausible stories about the temporary build up at NTS. To cover any possible strange sightings in the area, we increased the number of U-2 and SR-71 flights in the area. We even increased our low-level flights, just to give the residents (the few who did live in the area) enough to see that once the ALIEN craft arrived, they would not think anything was out of the ordinary.

10) On Tuesday, July 16, 1965, the ALIENS landed at exactly the precise location at the NTS. It was a low-level meeting. Only a few members of the Johnson administration were present. The selected group was present and the exchange took place without any hitches nor problems. We had equipment in place for the team, approximately 40 tons. The ALIENS had no problem carrying all of this on the two (2) crafts which landed. It was later learned that the two (2) crafts that landed were only shuttle crafts. The much larger craft was located somewhere between our Moon and Mars. Our team later told us (during the debriefing) that the ALIEN "mother" spacecraft was enormous.

11) We maintained contact with our Team Members by use of the ALIEN communication system during the space trip, which lasted about nine (9) months. Once they landed, we continued contact, but only on an irregular time schedule. Our team of 12 Team Members went to the Eben planet for 13 years. The original mission called for a 10-year stay. However, because of the strange time periods on their planet, the team stayed an additional three (3) years.

12) The team returned in August 1978 at the exact location. Eight (8) Team Members returned on the seven (7) month trek home. Team Member #308 (Team Pilot #2) died of a pulmonary embolism en route to SERPO on the 9-month journey; 11 arrived safely. One (1) died on the planet – and both of their bodies were returned to Earth – while two (2) others decided to remain on the ALIEN homeworld of SERPO.

The eight (8) Team Members were isolated for one (1) complete year at a special facility located at Los Alamos. After the one (1) year of isolation and intense debriefing, they were given new identities, a large pay bonus and the offer to return to military service or retire. Six (6) decided to retire and two (2) opted to remain on active duty.



13) Of the eight (8) who survived, seven (7) have since died. One remaining team member is still alive and lives somewhere in the southwest [Arizona]. [“Mr HERO” passed away in December 2014.]

14) I do NOT believe all of the information supplied by Mr. Anonymous. Mr. Anonymous has several discrepancies in the training, selection process, communication sequence and the females on the team. I do not remember ANY females going on the mission. Although all members were given 3-digit numbers during training, I saw the team at Camp Perry and did not remember any females on the team. Most of what Mr. Anonymous said was factual, but nonetheless there are some discrepancies.

15) I do NOT wish any special attention be given to me regarding this matter. I am a private person who has never gone public before with this nor any other information regarding UFOs or the U.S. government's involvement with the investigation of UFOs.

figure 13 Artist rendering of how the nightly testing of the so-called “sports model” from the Zeta Reticuli I and II twin-star system might look to an observer at Papoose Lake/Area S4 located
13 miles SSW of the main Area 51 facility

figure 14 Based on all of the available information, this is how Area S4 located near Papoose Lake would appear; recovered/captured/donated ALIEN spacecraft are test flown on almost a nightly basis out of hangars that are built into the mountain's natural slope to camouflage its activities; these ALIEN craft included the so-called “sports model” [see previous photo] which theoretical physicist Bob Lazar claims to have worked on as part of an ongoing project to reverse-engineer the ALIEN technology; Lazar took a blacked-out bus from the main Area 51 work site
13 miles SSW to the Area S4 work site

Section V: An UNsolved and Startling Close Encounter of The Third Kind!

-- The McChord Incident as Relayed to a DIA Official --

On Saturday afternoon, October 14, 1972, Airman First Class (AIC) Steven Briggs and Airman (AMN) Dennis Hillsgeck were instructed to check on the Tactical Air Navigational (TACAN) facility located eight (8) miles east of McChord Air Force Base. The TACAN site was situated on government land which was maintained by the U.S. Army, Ft Lewis. Briggs and Hillsgeck drove to the TACAN site at approximately 1300 hours [1 p.m.]. Upon their arrival, they opened the locked fence surrounding the TACAN facility and entered the compound. Once inside the compound, they opened the TACAN building and began to conduct a systems check of the TACAN equipment. At approximately 1400 hours [2 p.m.], Briggs heard a strange sound outside of the building. According to Briggs, it sounded like a high-pitched engine. Briggs exited the building to investigate the sound. Once outside, Briggs observed a SAUCER-SHAPED OBJECT directly above the TACAN building.

Briggs watched as the object landed just south of the TACAN compound. Briggs was startled by the object and entered the TACAN building to summon Hillsgeck. Once Hillsgeck and Briggs exited the building together, they observed two (2) "creatures" walking towards the fence. Briggs returned to the building and telephoned (555) the base security police. He yelled that they needed help at the TACAN site because "intruders" were attempting to enter the facility. The phone call was received by Sgt David Holmes who was the Law Enforcement Desk Sergeant, 62nd Security Police Squadron. Sgt Holmes dispatched Sgt Dwight Reid and AIC Michael Tash to the scene. It took the security police patrol 17 minutes to travel to the TACAN site.

Upon their arrival, they observed Briggs and Hillsgeck standing near their government vehicle. Both appeared to be in a daze. Neither could speak. Sgt Reid summoned a USAF ambulance to the scene. Hillsgeck appeared to have been burnt around the face. AIC Tash walked around the area and found marks in the soft Washington state dirt. Then suddenly, Sgt Reid yelled to AIC Tash that an object was directly over his head. A saucer-shaped object was hovering just above the TACAN facility.

Sgt Reid attempted to communicate to the security police law enforcement office by using his Motorola HT-220 portable radio. However, the radio did not function. Sgt Reid then yelled for AIC Tash to return to the police vehicle. Sgt Reid and AIC Tash retrieved Briggs and Hillsgeck and quickly left driving from the scene. Approximately one (1) mile from the TACAN site, Sgt Reid was able to communicate with the security police office, requesting assistance and declaring a "Covered Wagon." Four (4) additional security policemen arrived on scene, including, Sgt Darren Alexander and his military dog, "Champ." Sgt Alexander and Champ drove to the scene and started to search the area.

Approximately 400 yards south of the TACAN site, Champ became alerted. Sgt Alexander observed two (2) "creatures" standing near a remote power station. Sgt Alexander yelled for the two (2) "creatures" to stand and raise their hands. Both creatures then moved towards Sgt Alexander. Sgt Alexander observed that one of the creatures was holding an object, which Sgt Alexander thought was a weapon. Sgt Alexander fired six (6) rounds from his military-issued Model 15, .38 caliber revolver. After firing the shots, Sgt Alexander returned to his vehicle and radioed Sgt Reid that he had fired at the creatures.

A Security Alert Team (similar to a police SWAT) arrived. They conducted a search of the area and observed the saucer-shaped object sitting on the ground, directly east of the power station. They circled the object and called for a supervisor. Captain Henry Stone, of security police law enforcement, arrived on the scene, but the object departed just as Captain Stone walked towards the object. The object flew off in an easterly direction and was out of sight in a few seconds. Office of Special Investigations agents arrived on scene and conducted an investigation. Statements were taken from all involved parties. Evidence was collected at the scene which included shell casings from the rounds fired by Sgt Alexander. This incident was classified as “Top Secret” and remains in the OSI files as UNsolved.


Close Encounters of The First Kind

Visual sightings of an unidentified flying object seemingly less than 500 feet away that show an appreciable angular extension and considerable detail.

Close Encounters of The Second Kind

A UFO event in which a physical effect is alleged. This can be interference in the functioning of a vehicle or electronic device; animals reacting; a physiological effect such as paralysis or heat and discomfort in the witness; or some physical trace like impressions in the ground, scorched or otherwise affected vegetation, or a chemical trace.

Close Encounters of The Third Kind

UFO encounters in which an animated creature is present. These include humanoids, robots, and humans who seem to be occupants or pilots of a UFO.

Close Encounters of The Fourth Kind

An UNwilling abduction of an Earth human by a UFO, an EBE [Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) or its occupants in either a fully conscious state or in an UNconscious, trance-like state. This type was not included in Hynek's original close encounters scale. Hynek's erstwhile associate Jacques Vallee argued in the Journal of Scientific Exploration that a CE-4 should be described as "cases when witnesses experienced a transformation of their sense of reality," so as to also include non-abduction cases where absurd, hallucinatory or dream-like events are associated with UFO encounters.


Section VI: The U.S. Secret Production of "Pentagen" ... Hydrogen-5

-- As Relayed by a Retired U.S. Intel Operative --

Sub Section 1.: The Secret Production of "Pentagen" by the U.S. Government

A. Tritium is made by capturing neutrons in helium gas. To supply the neutrons, protons are energized in a linear accelerator and are used to bombard a heavy-metal target made of tungsten and lead, creating neutrons in a process known as “spallation.” The resulting neutrons are moderated (slowed) by collisions with lead and water, increasing the efficiency of their capture in helium gas flowing through the target to make tritium. The tritium is extracted from the gas continuously, providing supply to the stockpile.

B. While making tritium, U.S. researchers found that another isotope quickly vanished in the process. In fact, several isotopes were discovered that bounced off of the tungsten metal. U.S. researchers began a program that attempted to capture these elusive isotopes. One secret facility was built on the Nevada Test Site. This facility was called, "The LANCE." The cover for this facility was that it contained an experimental chemical production accelerator. A tritium production facility contained an Injector, Accelerator, Tritium Production and Tritium Separation facilities. The Lance contained an Injector, Accelerator, Containment building, Collection Apparatus and a Storage Vessel.

C. The Making of Pentagen: Although the specific details of this are still highly classified, a rough explanation is provided below.

  1. The Injector: The process starts with the injector. A high-energy beam is directed at hydrogen atoms and accelerating them to form a proton beam. This beam differs from the tritium beam in that instead of a low-energy beam, this beam is a high-energy beam, enhanced with a chemical laser booster.
  2. The Accelerator: The protons are accelerated by mixing a carbon atom and nitrogen –13 isotope. This creates two (2) carbon atoms, positron and a neutrino. The –13 isotopes fuses to form a high-energy booster (gamma).
  3. The Containment Building: The Containment Building was built to house the Injector and Accelerator. This building actually contains an underground tunnel that leads from the Accelerator Facility to the Containment Building. Because of the fusion and radiation involved in the accelerator process, the Containment Building had to be more than one (1) kilometer away. The exact reason for this is not known to me. The Accelerator beam is directed from the Accelerator facility to the Containment building (tunnel).
  4. The Collection Apparatus: This facility contains a complex series of filters, which contains chemicals and other classified items. It is believed to be similar to the tritium spallation process. However, there are several different steps involved. The injection port contains "leak valves" which contains a flow meter that measures the leakage of Pentagen from this port. The leaking Pentagen is collected. Polonium is used in this process; however, the exact method is not known to me. Argon gas is also used in one of the filtering systems. One filter contains zinc-lined vessels that are charged with electrons.
  5. The Storage Vessel: This storage vessel is where the Pentagen is finally collected and stored. The interior of the Vessel is lined with an alloy of beryllium. The Vessel contains several complex "collection" tubes that collects, cools and stores the Pentagen during the final production process. The final product is collected in liquid helium, which is charged with gamma radiation. As of September 2002, the U.S. has collected 53.5 picocuries of Pentagen per liter of helium. Once the Pentagen is needed, there is a process by which the Pentagen is extracted from helium. This process is classified and I had NO access to it.

D. The Lance is jointly operated by scientists from the Los Alamos, Brookhaven, Livermore, Sandia Laboratories, and the Savannah River Plant. A company by the name of General Atomics built The Lance; Eagle Systems is also a prime contractor.

E. According to one source, a "Visitor" explained how Pentagen was made. But since the "Visitor" was explaining a system we could not fully understand, our scientists took bits and pieces of the information and started experiments. The U.S. first experimental Pentagen processing started in 1977 at Los Alamos.

F. PENTAGEN is the fifth isotope of hydrogen. It is radioactive with a half life of .34222 seconds. However, with a complex containment and storage system, Pentagen can be collected for an extended period of time. Somehow, U.S. scientists found that Pentagen is produced naturally on the planet Mercury. Pentagen vapors can be detected in the lower atmosphere of Mercury. In 2006, NASA plans on sending a probe to Mercury in an effort to collect Pentagen. Los Alamos has a secret project called “PINDALL,” which will build a special collection method for the space probe.

G. Pentagen is the substance that aggravates the energy process inside the CR [CRYSTAL RECTANGLE]. Pentagen inside the CR is not radioactive and will NOT decay.

H. There is also an experiment using Pentagen to enhance energy output inside electrical transformers. Sandia Laboratory is currently conducting this experiment. The experiment is being conducted in Tech Area III.

I. The director of The Lance, is Philip Conklin, a Department of Energy scientist.

J. The Lance will be expanded in 2003, which will include two (2) additional structures that will house "new technology" in the production of Pentagen.

K. It is believed that MIT and The University of Miami have experimented with the collection of hydrogen-5 by using a chlorofluorocarbon system of collecting the hydrogen-5. However, according to the DOE, this method does NOT work.

L. Hydrogen-4, which was also collected, was shown to be too UNstable to capture and retain for any extended period of time.

M. The Lance is manned and maintained by 62 scientists and technicians.


Sub Section 2.: Update on The CR: Crystal Rectangle — Energy Source

A. I believe the last update I provided on the CR was in 1996. Since then, many experiments have been conducted using the CR. Most of the experiments were conducted by Los Alamos or a contractor for the Department of Energy. Remember that the CR was described as follows: The dimensions were 26 cm by 17 cm by 2.5 cm. The CR weighs 728 grams. I stated in 1995 that it weighed 668 grams. I was told by "Mr. R" that the CR weighed 668 grams. However, I had access to a CR document which stated it weighed 728 grams. I'm not sure if the CR increased weight over the past seven (7) years or if "Mr. R" provided the wrong information. There is a possibility that "two" (2) CRs exists. One that weighed 668 grams and one that weighed 728 grams. There was a notation in the document I read, which stated, PVEED-1, (Particle Vacuum Enhanced Energy Device). This would indicate to me that there is a PVEED-2! I should say that the scientists do not refer to the CR as a CR, but as a PVEED, or the "MAGIC CUBE." Since "Mr. R" always referred to it as the CR, I will continue to refer to it as the "CR."

B. Remember the small dot that moved around the inside when an energy demand was placed on the CR? Our scientists have discovered the substance contained in the dot. The dot was found to be a perfectly rounded particle of charged (?) anti-matter. Our scientists still don't understand how this piece of antimatter can remain stable until it is ''tasked" with movement. They still don't understand once a demand is made to the CR, the antimatter starts its movement and creates energy.

C. Our scientists have found the CR is made of an UNknown material. Several unknown elements were detected. One of the materials is similar to carbon, but not exactly like carbon as we know it. Another substance is similar to zinc, but not the same consistency of zinc.

D. Our scientists canNOT explain the action of the antimatter and the actions of neutrons that are created and then disappear when the demand is lifted.

E. Our scientists canNOT explain why the constant temperature of the CR is 72 degrees. Even when heat is directed on the CR, the temperature remains at 72 degrees. How this occurs canNOT be explained.

F. Some scientists think the CR is operated remotely, perhaps by an unknown satellite in Earth's orbit. However, even when shielded, the CR operates normally.

G. When an energy demand is placed on the CR, it creates a signal that can be measured at 23.450 MHZ. However, when increased demand is placed on the CR, the frequency is modulated from 23.450 MHZ to 46.900 MHZ or double the original frequency. However, when the demand is reduced, the frequency drops to 1.25 KHZ, which is a constant frequency when no demand is placed on the CR. Regardless of what power demand is placed on the CR, the frequency never rises to more than 46.900 MHZ!

H. Remember the small set of squares which contained the horizontal wires? The wires were determined to be similar to tungsten. The wires somehow conduct energy by bouncing the neutrons off of these wires back into the fluid. The small dot bounces against the wire when energy demand is placed on the CR. Remember, only certain wires would react or expand when energy demand was placed on the CR. Scientists think that -- depending on the demand -- only certain wires would expand. Somehow, the energy output would be controlled by the amount of squares used.

I. I stated in 1995 that we tried to duplicate the CR. We made one in 2001 that actually worked ... for a short period of time. I don't know the construction nor materials used, but I do know the device blew up at the Nevada Test Site, injuring two (2) employees.

J. The timeline for the CR is as follows:

  1. 1947 – CR found at the Roswell crash site.
  2. 1949 – Los Alamos scientists first conducted experiments with the CR. At this time, no one knew what it was; some scientists thought it was just a window.
  3. 1954 – Sandia Labs conducted several experiments with the CR, but still didn't know its actual use.
  4. 1955 – The CR was lent to Westinghouse for experiments.
  5. 1958 – The CR was lent to Corning Glass in an effort to determine its construction material makeup.
  6. 1962 – The CR's first "official" test was conducted at Los Alamos and published in a classified report.
  7. 1970 – The CR was determined to be more than a "window." The CR was found to fit into a space on the spacecraft. Scientists determined the CR was some sort of energy device.
  8. 1978 – The CR was determined to be a high powered energy device that provided electrical power to the spacecraft.
  9. 1982 – The CR was first tested and produced energy.
  10. 1987 – The CR was given to E-Systems for extensive testing.
  11. 1990 – The CR was proven to be an UNlimited power system. The construction and contents of the CR was learned. However, no one knew just how it exactly worked.
  12. 1998 – The CR project, “MAGIC CUBE” was started in an effort to accelerate the knowledge of the device.
  13. 2001 – The CR project, “MAGIC CUBE” was transferred from the Los Alamos' Futures Division to its “Special Project – Section K” division.

K. Currently, the CR is contained at the Section K division facilities, Los Alamos National Laboratory (as of September 2002).


figure 15The Crystal Rectangle Energy Source was officially known as the PVEED-1 to those who actually worked on it: Particle Vacuum Enhanced Energy Device, which provided a nearly UNlimited amount of power from a device weighing only 668 – 728 grams and measuring only 26 cm X 17 cm X 2.5 CM


figure 16Among UFO circles, the Crystal Rectangle is known as “The MAGIC CUBE” due to its amazing properties and capabilities; the CR was found at the Roswell crash site in 1947, but it wasn't until 1978 that our scientists determined it was a high-powered energy device that provided electrical power to the Eben craft, and then it wasn't until 1982 that it was actually tested successfully to produce energy.


Sub Section 3.: Update on the "Visitors" status.

A. Based on “Project GLEAM” (will be discussed later), the U.S. can communicate with our Visitors. The communication system is a complex, highly classified series of relay stations and satellites. The communication system is entitled, "Echelon." It is run by the Defense Communications Agency, and NOT the National Security Agency.

B. The Visitors came to this planet and provided a direct communication link to us on the following dates:

  1. April 1964 - Socorro, NM.
  2. April 1969 - White Sands, NM
  3. April1971- White Sands, NM
  4. April 1977 - White Sands, NM
  5. November 1983 - UNknown location, but believed to have been Kirtland AFB
  6. November 1990 - White Sands, NM
  7. November 1997 - Nevada Test Site
  8. November 1998 - Nevada Test Site
  9. November 1998 - Nevada Test Site
  10. November 1999 - Nevada Test Site
  11. November 2001 - Nevada Test Site — I was present and took the photographs with two (2) colleagues. I'll discuss this later.

C. The next visitation date is November 2003 at the Nevada Test Site. I don't have the exact date, as of now, but should be able to obtain it by August 2003.


Sub Section 4.: Update on Scientists' Status

A. The following is a list of scientists/officials who have or had access to the "program":

Admiral Henry G. Chiles, USN, Ret., U.S. Naval Academy
Willard H Miller, Ret USN Cmdr / E-Systems
Vic Alessi, U.S. Industry Coalition
Steve Chu, Department of Physics, Stanford, University
Charles B Curtis, Nuclear Threat Initiative
Derrick J Olterson, Dept of Energy
Colena H. Besman, USAF
Shirley A Jackson, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute [RPI]
Raymond Jeanloz, U of California at Berkeley
Paul Messina, California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech)
Robert W Noonan, Palisades Institute for Research Services
Christopher W Mauche, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
Gerhard L Weinberg, Scientific Research Agency
Harris Wesley, MIT
Earl Barnes, Institute for Technological Studies
James Sherley, MIT Charles Yost, USAF
Alfred Hubbard, NSA
Albert Osterheld, EG&G
Konard L. Kahler, EG&G
Robert E. Miller, BDM
Jason D Menzel, Physics Dept, Northwestern University
Klaus Von Karman, Los Alamos
George Haufman, Los Alamos
Lyle Rossmart, Los Alamos
Richard Devitt, Los Alamos
Arthur Lundahl
Stanley Schneider
Robert Friend
Phillip Keaton
Richard Helms
Clyde Neiberheimer
Charles Sheldon
Leo Vrana
R.B. Willingham
Arnold White
Dr. Gerald Rothberg
James Garland
William Hipps
General Curtis Lemay
Norris E Bradbury, Jr, Los Alamos, Dept of Energy
Craig McPherson, DOE/EG&G
Dean L. Housman, Sandia
Charles A. Delormonte, Sandia
Jonathan K. Doty, Sandia Labs
Barbara K. Shipman, White House Intelligence
Cmte Nicholas O. Bausmenta, MIT
Harold Zirin, Calif Institute of Technology (Cal Tech)
John Manley MG
K.D. Nichols
Albert Alexander
T.B. Larkin
Edward Teller
Alvin Graves
William Webster
James McCormack
Carroll Tyler
James Russell
Samual Mickelson
Alvin Betts
Glenn T. Seaborg
Robert Oppenheimer
David Lilienthal
Daniel Gallery
Harold Harmon


Sub Section 5.: Los Alamos "Project GLEAM"

A. A highly classified project that deals with direct communication with the “Visitors.” It was new communications technology dealing with multi-frequency sending units. Units direct multiple frequencies in a particular direction in a high-speed sending system which allows the beams to be propelled at an enormous speed. Not too much more is known about it. Los Alamos and several contractors, including EG & G, BDM, Motorola, Risbum Corporation and Sandia Labs, are all involved with this project.

The facility was built at Site 40 at the Nevada Test Site. One rumor (only rumor from a source) is that the "Visitors" provided us with this technology. It enables us to communicate with the Visitors in a speedier way than in the past. Part of this program involves the use of chemical lasers pushing the communication beam. As it was explained to me (in layperson's terms), several frequencies are put together on a beam and propelled towards a target or receiver. The receiver, then boosts the energy and RE-sends the signal to another point (relay?). Somehow, the chemical laser pushes the beam, thus propelling it faster than normal.

B. More information on this project may be forthcoming next year.


Sub Section 6.: Technology Transfer From Area 51 to The Nevada Test Site (NTS)

A. The NEVADA TEST SITE (NTS) was established in the early 1950s by the old Atomic Energy Commission to conduct above-ground nuclear tests. The test site consists of 1,426 square miles of test land, and a total of 5,470 square miles of bombing and other testing ranges. The NTS is divided into 30 AREAS, which are then divided into UNITS. Nuclear testing – both above and below ground – were conducted in eight (8) of the 30 areas. Mercury is the base camp for the NTS. Mercury includes all of the support facilities to operate the NTS. Although officially the Department of Energy's contractor, Bechtel Corporation operates NTS, UNofficially NTS is controlled by U.S. Army Support Group LIMA. You won't find Lima mentioned in any official U.S. Army publications nor unit listings. Lima is a highly classified operating unit. The security for NTS is officially performed by Wackenhut Security Services, a private Department of Energy Contractor.

However, of the 185 Wackenhut security officers, 57 are actually commissioned federal agents by the Department of Justice. An additional 80 military policemen perform classified security protections on the NTS. An additional 44 USAF Security Police guard the "Special Storage Facility" (SSF), located in Area 6, Unit 23A. The SSF stores special stockpile weapons (nuclear weapons). The existence of this SSF is classified since the U.S. government won't acknowledge it stores any more weapons than officially published under the nuclear test ban treaties. The SSF has approximately 300 nuclear weapons. Next to this SSF is another highly classified storage facility known as “Site K.” No one actually knows what is stored in Site K, but some believe it contains the Visitor's gifts to the U.S. government!

Officially, the NTS advertises several facilities located on its property. One is the Device Assembly Facility in Area 6, Unit 2A. According to its official publication, this facility assembles nuclear weapons prior to underground testing. UNofficially, this facility conducts experiments on "Visitor Gifts." Another facility contained on the NTS and officially named the "Big Explosive Experimental Facility" conducts simulations of explosions. UNofficially, this facility houses the underground entrance to Site U, which contains classified underground testing facilities built in 1987. Sources report Site U is used to assemble the Visitor's propulsion systems.

Although Bechtel operates the NTS, several other contractors have buildings and conduct experiments on the NTS. Amador Valley Operations, Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, EG&G, Special Technical Laboratories, the U of California, Special Physics Operational Laboratories, Sandia National Laboratories, BDM Corporation, Motorola, Kyle-Witt Corporation, General Motors Remote Research Facility, DRAC, CIA, NSA, USN, the U.S. Army Special Forces Training Center, the USAF Scientific Evaluation Center, the Defense Communications Agency, Remote Operations Facilities, the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office [NRO], Advance Physics Laboratories, MIT, KENN Corporation and General Dynamics.


figure 17Though known for housing, testing and attempting to reverse engineer either captured, recovered or even “donated” ALIEN spacecraft at Area S4/Papoose Lake, MANY other highly specialized, classified projects are worked on there on a daily basis at Area 51; more than a dozen highly classified projects are on the “to-do” list + the NTS houses 300 nuclear weapons in the SSF [Special Storage Facility] guarded by a special contingent of security police from the USAF


figure 18The NTS site is teeming with security personnel from the Wackenhut Corporation, specially commissioned federal agents from the Dept of Justice and military police; any one of them could confront an intruder if they venture too close to the Area 51/Nevada Test Site facility


figure 19Though base security and the highly classified special projects ar given the highest priority, local residents and the general population at large don't make it a secret as to what THEY THINK is going on at the base of looming Groom Mountain range ... for them, it's an "open secret" that "Theye're Here!"

B. Some important dates obtained by my sources that pertains to UFOs.

  1. 1957 – First attempt to test the Roswell capture craft's propulsion system. Test was conducted at Area 8, Unit 3c.
  2. 1961 – First attempt to fly the repaired Roswell craft in Area 29, Unit 1b.
  3. 1962 – Radiation tests conducted on the Roswell craft by the Los Alamos National Laboratory at Area 18, Unit 3Z.
  4. 1964 – An explosion caused by an experimental propulsion system placed in the Roswell craft, Area 7, Unit 19S.
  5. 1968 – First successful flight of the Roswell craft (with U.S. propulsion system – old nuclear propulsion system), Area 29, Unit 1B.
  6. 1970 – Explosion caused by the Visitor's propulsion system Area 25, Unit 8B.
  7. 1970 – EBE-2 set up "home" in Area 15, Unit 11. [SEE BELOW IMAGE]

figure 201970 marked the year that our “Visitors” the EBENS obtained/were given their own housing facilities at Area 15, Unit 11, as they continue to direct, advise and consult our scientists and technicians on the reverse engineering of the various donated/retrieved technologies the U.S. government has in its possession

  1. 1987 – Construction began on a new underground testing facility in Area 6, Area 12 and Area 26.
  2. 1991 – Construction began on additional testing facilities in Area 23 (Mercury), Area 14, Area 20 and Area 19. All support facilities used for the Alien Research Facility (ARF) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
  3. 1994 – First movement of the ALIEN Research Facility (ARF) from Groom Lake to Area 11.
  4. 1996 – President Clinton visits the ARF.
  5. 1998 – Movement of all the ARF facilities are completed to the NTS.
  6. 2001 – Testing of the Visitor's new propulsion system begins in earnest.
  7. 2002 – Testing of “Project GLEAM,” “Project DELTA,” “Project DELTA,” “Project ADAM,” “Project KRISPA,” and “Project ORION.”
  8. 2004 – The final movement of the Groom Lake facilities to the NTS is completed.
  9. 2006 – The final movement of the Papoose Lake facilities to the NTS is completed.
  10. 2008 – New construction of the Visitors Landing Platform is completed at Area 13.


Sub Section 7.: New Technologies Being Developed at The NTS [Nevada Test Site]

A. "Project DELTA": A highly classified project to develop methods to extract specific material from ALIEN spacecraft. The project is attempting to take materials from known ALIEN artifacts and determine their exact composition.

B. “Project ADAM”: A project that uses radiation/nuclear energy against ALIEN material to determine how the ALIEN material can absorb or repel radiation. (I received an oral briefing on this and I'm not sure if they are talking about "Adam" or "Atom" as the project name.)

C. “Project KRISPA”: A highly classified project that is taking ALIEN technology and developing civilian applications; not much else is known.

D. “Project ORION”: This is the ALIEN propulsion system testing project, which I will discuss later.

E. “Project" (UNknown name): A highly classified project that involves medical experiments using ALIEN technology. This is being conducted both at the NTS, the Armed Forces Institute of Technology and the U of Miami Medical School.

F. “Project" (UNknown name): A highly classified project that takes ALIEN technology and applies it to space travel; little else is known.

G. "Project SIGMA: An ongoing project that involves the studying of ALIEN spacecraft. This project moved from Groom Lake to the NTS.

H. "Project NOMAD": A highly classified project to study ALIEN species; not much else is known.

I. "Project STARLIGHT": Little is known, but it involves the study of space using ALIEN technology.


Sub Section 8.: Visitors Landing in Nevada on Wednesday, November 14, 2001

As I mentioned to before, I teamed up with two (2) other friends in an attempt to obtain information from the landing site in Nevada. We obtained equipment from various sources and ventured to Nevada. We infiltrated the NTS by illegal means, that is, we falsified certain documents and then used another method (won't discuss that now). Anyway, we made it to a mountain top, about four (4) actual miles from the landing zone. We used several types of cameras. Two digital, one long-range (70w 270 zoom), one 1000 zoom lens and one infrared camera. The digital cameras were useless as we were too far away.

However, we used the infrared camera to detect the glow that came from the ALIEN craft. We had a Gust Detector, a radiation detector, and some other equipment that only my Los Alamos source knew how to operate. We also had range finders, G.P.S., long range viewers (LRV-military types). At approximately 0200 hours [2 a.m.], we observed several F-16s fly over the area. We could see the lights located near the landing zones. After the F-16s flew over, we observed a blue-light beam emitted from a point in the sky and directed to the landing zone.

We then saw a small "craft" fly along that blue-light beam to the landing zone. This small craft did not land. A few minutes later, a larger craft flew along the beam and landed approximately 300 yards directly south of the landing zone. As the craft was hovering, we observed a bluish arc of light emitted from the bottom of the craft. We saw two (2) U.S. officials approach the craft. Two "ALIENS" exited from the craft and walked to within a few feet of the U.S. officials.

All four (4) then entered into a building constructed near the landing zone. We continued to film the movement of the craft for the entire 47 minutes. This bluish arc of light was continuous. After the 47-minute meeting, the ALIENS entered their craft and flew away. As many are aware, there has been a continuous dispute about the pictures and other collected information. They have it and won't share it. I later learned they sold it to the Japanese. [SEE BELOW IMAGE]

figure 21 How a planned and scheduled meeting between USG officials and EBENS who departed after a 47-minute meeting in November of 2001 might have looked to three (3) snooping individuals who decided to get a relatively close-up view from four (4) miles away using high-powered telescopic viewing equipment.


Sub Section 9.: U.S. Secret Plans For Space Exploration

The NSA / NASA both teamed up to develop new technologies to explore the universe. The NSA / NASA have deployed the following deep space probes.

  1. 1965 – First Deep space probe, Code name – “PATTY”
  2. 1967 – Second deep space probe, Code name – “SWEEN”
  3. 1972 – Third deep space probe, Code name – “DAKOTA”
  4. 1978 – Fourth deep space probe, Code name is UNknown
  5. 1982 – Fifth deep space probe, Code name is UNknown
  6. 1983 – Sixth deep space probe, Code name is UNknown
  7. 1983 – Seventh deep space probe, Code name is UNknown
  8. 1983 – Eighth deep space probe, Code name – “MOE”
  9. 1985 – Space probe launched on SS Mission 51-J, code name "STING-RAY," but not sure if this was an actual communication probe or some other type of probe
  10. 1988 – Ninth deep space probe, Code Name – "AMBER LIGHT"
  11. 1988 – Tenth deep space probe, Code Name – "SANDAL SLIPPER"
  12. 1989 – Eleventh deep space probe, Code Name – “COCKER PEAK”
  13. 1992 – Twelfth deep space probe, Code Name – “TWINKLE EYES”
  14. 1997 – Thirteenth deep space probe, Code Name – “KITE TANGLE”

NOTE: These probes were used to establish communication links with the ALIENS. They formed and established a type of repeater system for their communications; not much else is known.


Sub Section #10.: Development of an ALIEN-Based Propulsion System

A) A new propulsion system is being developed at the NTS. This system – although highly classified – involves the actual use of ALIEN technology to be placed in U.S.-style aircraft. I will obtain more information on this during my next trip to the NTS ... more to come....

B. ALIEN information obtained from various NTS sources.



From: DIA-6
Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2015 10:05 PM
To: Victor Martinez
Cc: DIA-6
Subject: You mean the Grays live among the Trantaloids in the Epsilon Eridani Star System?!


Here is the information DIRECTLY out of the DIA:

  1. Archquloid - Planet Pontel, DIA designation DIALP-1146 - Star System - Cygnus Arm
  2. Trantaloid - Planet Phi, DIA designation DIALP-3165 - Star System - Epsilon Eridani
  3. Quadloids - Planet Otto, DIA designation DIALP-1910 - Star System - Lacaille
  4. Hepaloids - Planet Damco, DIA designation DIALP-1920 - Star System - Cygnus Arm
  5. Ebens - Planet Serpo, DIA designation DIALP-0916 - Star System - Zeta Reticuli

DIALP [Defense Intelligence Agency Life Planet]

It gets complicated when you compare the genetically altered creatures. The Ebens have created several different breeds of genetically altered creatures. The Hepaloids have also created several different genetically altered creatures. Some are hybrid mixtures. That is why it is so complicated to fully understand all the different alien races. And it gets even a lot more complicated than that. Not only have the Ebens created a hybrid race -- which are gray in color -- but the Trantaloids also created a Gray race of hybrids.

DIALP means just what I said: a list of “LIFE PLANETS”; the DIA designated a list of life planets. Not much more to explain it.

-- DIA-6 --

From: DIA-6
Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2015 9:04 PM
To: Victor Martinez
Cc: DIA-6
Subject: I need the origin of The Grays if you know the star system; I'm NOT asking about the Ebens!


Not sure if you fully understand the differences. The Grays are the hybrids of the Trantaloids. Non-insiders named these the Grays, not the intelligence insiders. So I'm not sure if you're asking about the Trantaloids or the Quadloids, who are also gray in color. I don't use the UFO communities' names, I use the real intelligence insiders names.

-- DIA-5 --

From: DIA-6
Sent: Sunday, November 29, 2015 2:37 AM
To: Victor Martinez
Subject: You mean the Grays live among the Trantaloids in the Epsilon Eridani Star System?!


The Trantaloids were responsible for the abductions in NM. Yes, the hybrid Grays, belonging to the Trantaloids, live on the same planet. The planet which housed the Trantaloids was called "Planet J" within the intel community. There might be a name now, but I don't know it. The Intel community captured a Gray some years ago in the Washington, D.C. area. The creature was transported to the Groom Lake Complex. It told us they were abducting humans for scientific observations and human-alien hybrid experiments. Yes, the Quadaloids live in the Lacaille Star System. I don't know the planet names. Yes, the Archquloids were created by the Ebens.

-- DIA-6 --

Sent: Wednesday, December 2, 2015 5:56 AM
To: VictorGM@webtv.net
Subject: Mr ANONYMOUS: Can you fill in this missing information for a future “Project SERPO” release?

Mr. Martinez:

You got the star systems correct. These are the seven alien groups we have positively identified. There are two more who have visited Earth, but we have not identified them. We also don't know where those two originate. The Ebens come from the Zeti Reticuli twin star system.

We appreciate you assisting us on the release of the information. It is about time the citizens of Earth know the truth.


From: DIA-6
Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2015 8:30 AM
To: Victor Martinez
Subject: Thanx for the info! I wonder how many Earth humans the Grays have captured/abducted?

The TRANTALOIDS are the real danger to humans. They can change appearances and have a deadly internal weapon. But they can be easily killed, as proven by the Gate 3 incident. There are so many false stories spreading about the different alien groups.

-- DIA-6 --

From: DIA-6
Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 5:08 AM
To: Victor Martinez
Subject: ANONYMOUS: Can you elaborate on the "Grays" from Epsilon Eridani?

The Grays are not the Ebens! The Grays are hostile and cannot be trusted. We cannot trust the Grays! XXXXX is right. They are really sneaky characters, who are responsible for most [human] abductions. We captured several and they killed themselves!

-- DIA-6 --
ALIEN Species Known to The Government of The United States:


  1. Ebens = Planet SERPO, DIA designation DIALP-0916 Zeta Reticuli I and II System = 38.42 light-years
  2. Grays =
  3. Archquloids = Planet PONTEL, DIA designation DIALP-1146 Cygnus Arm =
    2,000 light-years
  4. Quadloids = Planet OTTO, DIA designation DIALP-1910 Lacaille Star System = 10.7 light-years
  5. Heplaloids = Planet DAMCO, DIA designation DIALP-1920 Cygnus Arm =
    2,000 light-years [ Reference: http://www.serpo.org/release23.php ]
  6. Trantaloids = Planet PHI, DIA designation DIALP-3165 Epsilon Eridani = 10.5 light-years
  7. Septaloids = Delta Pavonis Star System = 19.92 light-years [ Reference: http://serpo.org/release34.php ]

NOTE #1: DIA LP = Defense Intelligence Agency, Life Planet

NOTE #2: GRAY and GREY are different spellings of the same word, and both are used throughout the English-speaking world. But “GRAY” is more common in American English, while “GREY” is more common in all of the other main varieties of English. In the U.K., for instance, “GREY” appears about 20 times for every instance of “GRAY."


The 20 CLOSEST STARS to Sol II, Planet EARTH:

  • Proxima Centauri = 4.2 light-years / Alpha Centauri = 4.3 light-years
  • Barnard's Star = 6.0 light-years
  • Wolf 359 = 7.8 light-years
  • Lalande 21185 = 8.3 light-years
  • Sirius Star System = 8.6 light-years
  • Luyten 726-8 = 8.7 light-years
  • Ross 154 = 9.7 light-years
  • Ross 248 = 10.3 light-years
  • Epsilon Eridani = 10.5 light-years
  • Lacaille 9352 = 10.7 light-years
  • Ross 128 = 10.9 light-years
  • EZ Aquarii = 11.3 light-years
  • Procyon = 11.4 light-years
  • Bessel's Star = 11.4 light-years
  • Struve 2398 = 11.5 light-years
  • Groombridge 34 = 11.6 light-years
  • Epsilon Indi = 11.8 light-years
  • DX Cancri = 11.8 light-years
  • Tau Ceti = 11.9 light-years
  • GJ 1061 = 12.1 light-years


figure 22Close inspection will reveal a couple of alien species on this short list of the thirteen (13) ALIEN species who have/are regularly visiting Earth for their own various reasons/purposes/motives


figure 23 This very useful chart displays the 53 closest star systems to our Solar System; not only will viewers spot the familiar ALIEN species who are presently visiting/monitoring Earth's life forms and activities, but two (2) of those UNnamed ALIEN species referenced by Anonymous I in his e-mail may very well be on this chart; keep this chart handy by either printing it or bookmarking the SERPO.org website which this chart appears on

EBENS = Constellation: RETICULUM, Zeta Reticuli I and II, are near twin, 5th magnitude yellow stars which are 38.42 light-years away. Planet SERPO's binary suns, Zeta Reticuli I and II; SERPO is Reticulum IV.



– Zeta Reticuli I and II are two (2) 5th magnitude yellow-orange main sequence dwarf stars of 5.2 and 5.5 magnitude; they are not blue. Zeta Reticuli lies 38.42 light years or 225,968,400,000,000 miles away.

– Secondly, Zeta Reticuli 1 is approx. 91% of the diameter of our sun, and Zeta Reticuli 2 is approx. 99% of the diameter of our sun.

– Thirdly, the distance BETWEEN the stars is 367 BILLION miles for Zeta Reticuli I and II, or approx. 100 times the Sun-Pluto distance, as they orbit a common center.





figure 24 Useful view and perspective given of the Zeta I and Zeta II Reticuli Twin Star System which many became also familiar with via the famous Betty and Barney Hill alien abduction event of September 19-20, 1961 when Betty drew a star chart suggesting that her abductors were the Ebens

figure 26 Close-up view of the Zeta I and II twin star system in the Reticulum Constellation located 38.42 light-years away; at the present time, it's said that it only takes seven (7) months to make the nearly 39 light-years journey due to advancements on the Eben's space traveling technology (down from a nine [9] month trek)

figure 27 How the twin stars may have appeared to our 11 (eleven) Team Members as a SERPO day neared sunset during the 13 years they were on Planet SERPO from July 1965 – August 1978 from their original 10-year planned mission which went off course due to strange time anomalies on the SERPO homeworld

figure 28 Zeta I and II Reticuli appear as the 21st and 22nd entries on this short list of 22 star systems; while not in the “Top 53” closest star systems to Earth, the Ebens from Reticulum IV, Zeta I, the Constellation Reticulum are still considered to be in our “galactic neighborhood”

ARCHQULOIDS and HEPLALOIDS = CYGNUS ARM within the Milky Way Galaxy. These CYGNUS NEBULOSITIES -- which contain Planets DAMCO and PONTEL -- are all located 2,000 light-years away. Looking toward the Constellation CYGNUS, is a stunning and complex region of nebulae strewn along the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy. The bright, hot supergiant star DENEB and popular celestial sights such as the North America and PELICAN emission regions, the IC 1318 "BUTTERFLY," and the CRESCENT and VEIL NEBULAE can also be identified.

Silhouetted by the glowing interstellar clouds and crowded star fields, the dark NORTHERN COAL SACK is also visible, part of a series of obscuring dust clouds forming the GREAT RIFT in the Milky Way. Along with the Sun, they lie within the ORION SPIRAL ARM of our galaxy.

QUADLOIDS = LACAILLE 9352 is located about 10.7 light-years from our Sun, Sol, in the southwestern edge of the Constellation Pisces Australis, the Southern Fish, near Constellation Grus, the Crane -- southeast of Beta Pisces Australis and southwest of Gamma and Delta Pisces Australis. It was listed by the Abbé Nicholas Louis De La Caille (1713-1762), who had the great honor of naming 15 of the 88 constellations by becoming the first astronomer to systematically observe the entire night sky. His posthumously published 1763 catalogue of 9,766 stars was compiled from 1750 to 1754 by studying the stars of the southern hemisphere at the Cape of Good Hope, the southernmost point of Africa, with just an half-inch (8x) refractor. The star is too faint to be seen with the naked eye.

figure 29 The gray-skinned QUADLOIDS call the Lacaille 9352 star system “home sweet home” at only 10.7 light-years from Earth; though seemingly UNinhabitable by humans standards to sustain life, who knows if they have a thriving society UNDERground?!

TRANTALOIDS = EPSILON ERIDANI in the constellation Eridanus is 10.5 light-years away. Although somewhat cooler and fainter than our sun, it is very similar. Nearby Star EPSILON ERIDANI has an Earth-like planet! Is this the homeworld of the hostile ET species, the TRANTALOIDS?!



EXPLANATION: EPSILON ERIDANI is located in "The Celestial River" where it "flows" south to Achernar. It is fully visible to almost all of the Southern Hemisphere and half of the Northern. A PLANET has been found orbiting a Sun-like star only 10.5 light-years away with a magnitude of 3.7. No direct picture of the planet was taken -- the planet was discovered by the gravitational wobble it created on its parent star, EPSILON ERIDANI. The discovery marks the closest naked-eye Sun-like star yet found to house an extra-solar PLANET. The star EPSILON ERIDANI, located in the constellation ERIDANUS, is visible near the belt of Orion to the unaided eye when it is highest in the sky
10 p.m. between November-January. The detected planet is thought to have a mass like Jupiter, but orbit slightly closer in. It is unknown whether other planets exist around EPSILON ERIDANI.



Yellow-Orange Main Sequence Dwarf Star Distance: 19.92 Light-Years from Earth Age: 1.399 Billion Years Spectral class: G8 Visual magnitude: 3.55 Luminosity: 1.231 * Sun Mass: 0.98 * Sun Diameter: 1.188 * Sun Radial velocity: -21.7 km/sec

CELESTIAL NOTE: DELTA PAVONIS is a YELLOW-ORANGE STAR and is older than our SUN, but is very similar to it. YELLOW STARS are one of the main targets in the the search of EARTH-LIKE PLANETS and life.



Light travels at 186,170 miles/second. So in one (1) year, light travels 5,871,057,120,000 miles. That's 5 trillion, 871 billion, 057 million, 120 thousand miles.

This is arrived at by:

186,170 miles/second x 60 seconds/minute = 11,170,200 miles/minute x 60 minutes/hour = 670,212,000 miles/hour x 24 hours/day = 16,085,088,000 miles/day x 365 days/year = 5,871,057,120,000 miles/year = THE DISTANCE LIGHT CAN TRAVEL IN ONE (1) YEAR = a light year unit of measurement.

Distance to our nearest star, Alpha Centauri: 4.3 LY (light-years)

Milky Way Galaxy = 90,000 LY wide / 3,000 LY thick

No. of stars in our Milky Way:
400 billion

No. of galaxies in our universe:
50 billion

No. of stars in our universe:
5 billion trillion

A light nanosecond: The distance light can travel in a billionth of a second =
1 ft or 12" [30 cm].

figure 30 This is how a LIGHT-YEAR is arrived at: 186,170 miles/second x 60 seconds/minute = 11,170,200 miles/minute x 60 minutes/hour = 670,212,000 miles/hour x 24 hours/day = 16,085,088,000 miles/day x 365 days/year = 5,871,057,120,000 miles/year = THE DISTANCE LIGHT CAN TRAVEL IN ONE (1) YEAR = a light year unit of measurement

figure 31 Though the “odometer” in the above illustration is slightly off, it still illustrates well the vast distances being discussed here by ALIEN space-traveling races; light travels at 186,170 miles/second ... so in one (1) year, light travels 5,871,057,120,000 miles ... that's 5 trillion, 871 billion, 057 million, 120 thousand miles!



NOTE: In the SUN's immediate neighborhood, there's about one (1) star for every 280 cubic light-years. So there should be about ...

1,875 stars within 50 light-years 15,000 stars within 100 light-years 1,875,000 stars within 500 light-years




The Milky Way is the galaxy which is the home of our Solar System together with at least 200 BILLION other stars (more recent estimates have given numbers around 400 BILLION) and their planets, and thousands of clusters and nebulae, including at least almost all objects of Messier's catalog which are not galaxies on their own.

All the objects in the Milky Way Galaxy orbit their common center of mass, called "The Galactic Center." As a galaxy, the MILKY WAY is actually a giant, as its mass is probably between 750 billion and ONE TRILLION solar masses, and its diameter is about 100,000 light years. Radio astronomical investigations of the distribution of hydrogen clouds have revealed that the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy of Hubble type Sb or Sc.

Therefore, our galaxy has both a pronounced disk component exhibiting a spiral structure, and a prominent nuclear region which is part of a notable bulge/halo component. Decade-long observations have brought up more and more evidence that the Milky Way may also have a bar structure (so that it would be type SB), so that it may look like M61 or M83, and is perhaps best classified as SABbc.

Recent investigations have brought up support for the assumption that the Milky Way may even have a pronounced central bar like barred spiral galaxies M58, M91, M95, or M109, and thus be of Hubble type SBb or SBc.


The MILKY WAY GALAXY belongs to the "Local Group," a smaller group of three (3) large and over 30 small galaxies, and is the second largest after the giant ANDROMEDA GALAXY M31,


but perhaps the most massive member of this group. M31, at about 2.9 million light-years, is the nearest large galaxy, but a number of faint galaxies are much closer: Many of the dwarf Local Group members are satellites or companions of the Milky Way.

The two (2) closest neighbors, both already mentioned, have only recently been discovered: The nearest of all, discovered in 2003, is an already almost disrupted dwarf galaxy, the CANIS MAJOR DWARF, the nucleus of which is about 25,000 light-years away from us and about 45,000 light-years from the Galactic Center.

Second comes SagDEG at about 88,000 light-years from us and some 50,000 light-years from the Galactic Center. These two dwarfs are currently in close encounters with our Galaxy and in sections of their orbits situated well within the volume occupied by our Milky Way. They are followed in distance by the more conspicuous LARGE and SMALL MAGELLANIC CLOUD, at 179,000 and 210,000 light-years, respectively.

The spiral arms of our Milky Way contain interstellar matter, diffuse nebulae, and young stars and open star clusters emerging from this matter. On the other hand, the bulge component consists of old stars and contains the globular star clusters; our galaxy has probably about 200 globulars, of which we know about 150.

These globular clusters are strongly concentrated toward the Galactic Center: From their apparent distribution in the sky, Harlow Shapley has concluded that this center of the Milky Way lies at a considerable distance (which he overestimated by factors) in the direction of Sagittarius and not rather close to us, as had been thought previously.

Our solar system is thus situated within the outer regions of this galaxy, well within the disk and only about 20 light-years "above" the equatorial symmetry plane (to the direction of the Galactic North Pole), but about 28,000 light-years from The Galactic Center. Therefore, the Milky Way shows up as luminous band spanning all around the sky along this symmetry plane, which is also called the "Galactic Equator."

Its center lies in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius, but very close to the border of both neighbor constellations Scorpius and Ophiuchus. The distance of 28,000 light years has recently (1997) been confirmed by the data of ESA's astrometric satellite Hipparcos.

Other investigations published consequently have disputed this value and propose a smaller value of some 25,000 light years, based on stellar dynamics; a recent investigation yields roughly 26,000 light-years. This data, if of significance, wouldn't immediately affect values for distances of particular objects in the Milky Way or beyond.

The solar system is situated within a smaller spiral arm, called the Local or ORION ARM, which is merely a connection between the inner and outer next more massive arms, the Sagittarius Arm and the Perseus Arm.

Our Sun, together with the whole Solar System, is orbiting the Galactic Center on a nearly circular orbit. We are moving at about 250 km/sec, and need about 220 MILLION YEARS to complete one orbit (so the Solar System has orbited the Galactic Center
20 to 21 times since its formation about 4.6 billion years ago).

In addition to the overall Galactic Rotation, the solar system is moving between the neighboring stars (peculiar motion) at a velocity of about 20 km/s, to a direction called "Solar Apex," at the approximate position RA=18:01, Dec=+26 (2000.0); this motion was been discovered by William Herschel in 1783.



figure 32While the SERPO.org website has done a terrific job to bring this story to a huge audience on the Internet, author/researcher Len Kasten did a similarly commendable job in bringing the story to the UFO nation – and others – in the form of print media, a void which needed to be filled ... perhaps a revised edition will someday be forthcoming and published?! ...



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