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Release #36a: Some Technical/Scientific Questions Addressed From The DIA-6!

In reply to questions asked at The OutPost Forum, the DIA-6 gave a reply.

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Questions About the Flying Crafts

Hello all! My first post. I have read several of the releases on SERPO primarily looking for more information on the flying craft. Now I have a few questions and comments that I hope someone who has seen it or has more information might be able to answer. See below:

1. Is it possible that the plates found in the first chamber were composed of some Barium and Bismuth based superconductor alloys and coated with some reflective material facing center to direct the high-powered radio beam (and any other electromagnetic frequencies) to the center of the two plates, that the two gases were some form of matter and antimatter?
a. I presume the reflective material is to assist in increased efficiency.

1. The plates found in the first chamber were composed of some unknown material that had the quality of Zinc, but contained several other elements that were unknown to the scientists.

2. Could this then in turn have produced a powerful electromagnetic field which, in turn, is harnessed from the superconductors whose power is redirected to- a. Behind the ship to create (possibly) electrons and positrons by laser convergence or some form of bombardment and redirected back to the first chamber where the cycle repeats

2. There was an antimatter chamber that stored and then directed the antimatter material into the center chamber. The adjacent chamber contained some sort of gas that controlled the antimatter. The entire chamber was extremely complicated, with vessels point inward and several vessels inside other vessels.

3. Running some quick approximations based on the numbers given so far (it takes 9 mos to reach their planet 40 light-years away) there is a serious problem that presents itself with the spacecraft. Follow me for a minute:

i. Recall in release 24 that Dr. McPherson mentioned 6 scientists were vaporized when they activated the 1st chamber

ii. The fact that it vaporized six scientists and not one leads me to believe that it "sucked" the other scientists in the proximity into the gravity field

iii. This would indicate that the generator is destroying space (similar to what gravity of the Earth does)

iv. The amount of acceleration required to reach their planet in 9 months is the equivalent (and someone check my math) of approximately 1.60x10^7 g-Force (for half the time)

v. She mentioned that "The energy could be formed into 'balls of plasma' or a steady stream of energy. The system could generate energy equivalent to a nuclear explosion from a range of 0.1 kT up to 350 kT." A little more explanation would be appreciated. Is this stream "projected" in front of the ship when used for intergalactic travel? Perhaps by tilting the plates?

vi. The problem if it is kept inside the vessel is it could potentially cause the vessel to collapse in on itself. It would have to be projected in front of the vessel somehow. Or perhaps they are somehow funneling the gravitational effect (which is mind boggling if that is the case).

3. You can't think in terms of Earth science when you try to analyze the Alien craft; it just doesn't work.

4. Do we know what the materials holding/suspending these plates are composed of?

4. The six (6) scientists were killed by exposing some sort of energy field. The scientists were totally vaporized by this energy field that surrounded the complex of chambers making up the propulsion system.

5. Is it possible to get a diagram or drawing of this engine in relation to the spacecraft?

5. Regarding the amount acceleration required to reach their planet. You must consider that there is an enormous amount of information we just don't know about the craft. However, I left the program many years ago (1990). Maybe there is more we know but I just don't have access to that information. The "Balls of Plasma" is some sort of high energy release that propels the craft forward in Earth's atmosphere. However, once the craft leaves the atmosphere, there is a different form of energy propulsion that controls the craft in space. The Ebens explained to us that their craft works like two (2) different spaceships. But their explanation was complicated since we just didn't know their science. The plates contained a coated substance that did reflect Lasers. But we couldn't understand just how the reflection created such energy.

6. In release 4 it was mentioned by those who went to the Eben planet that there was normal Earth like gravity on the vessel. I'm curious to find out how the Ebens managed this given the other space distortion factors involved.

6. You mention Space Distortion Factors. The Ebens managed to control the distortion factors inside the ship by generating force fields against the ships surfaces, thus allowing gravity to become present. Just how they did that, we just don't know. That "force" wasn't gravity itself, but some sort of pulsating energy field that controlled or eliminated the distortion and thus allowed gravity. Our people were confused and sometimes disorientated by the controlled force fields inside the ship.

7. While the materials they may have access to can allow them to travel at the speeds they achieved, I believe it is still possible for us to produce a similar technology with materials on Earth, just not as powerful or efficient and likely more bulky.

7. Regarding the gases inside the chambers. We do not know the make up of the gases. The plates contained microscopic indentations that also contained smaller chambers. There were not any wires connecting the chambers, but there were smaller tubes that connected the chambers. The tubes contained nano wheels that spun the gas into the vents.

8. Additional info on the ship I am curious to know:
i. How did the gases get in chambers 2 and 3? What were inside these chambers?
ii. Were the two plates wired to anything?
iii. Dr. McPherson mentioned the gases were pushing on plates. How is that?

8. There was a "force pulse generator" that projected a field in front of the spaceship once it was in space. The Ebens explained this force pulse generator (we called it that) moved "space" and allowed the Eben ship to skip the time warp and move through space at a faster speed. The force pulse generator was contained in the front of the bigger ship. The generator looked like a series of large chambers connected together by vents and tub-lets. The center chamber contained a liquid and one smaller chamber contained a gas. The projected port looked like a large vent opening, with casting wheels on each side. The center of the large vent contained one portal. Since we never actually observed this force pulse generator working, we could NOT understand how it worked or the science behind the operation of the generator.

10. Would be curious to also know more about the intra-environmental propulsion system as well.

9. The Ebens mastered the use of antimatter. They were able to store the antimatter in chambers coated with some type of neutral material. The antimatter chamber also contained a gas that somehow controlled the antimatter.

11. Some of the challenges still remaining for developing interspace travel:
a. how to channel the gaseous matter before it merges to far in front of the ship so it doesn't have adverse affects on the ship and crew(massive g-force)
b. how to produce the matter/antimatter gases
c. How to harness enough of the energy produced from the matter -> energy reaction and recycle this energy to keep the process relatively efficient d. Is the energy redirected and used to create space behind the ship as well?

If I am so fortunate to have someone with insider information on the above, I would greatly appreciate the information. Cheers!