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Date Release Title / Content Author
5 August 2016 36a Some Technical/Scientific Questions Addressed From The DIA-6  
30 November 2015 36 The UNtold Story of EBE #1 at Roswell  
13 April 2011 35 The FBI-Roswell UFO Crash Memo Clarified! ANON
24 April 2010 34 ALIEN "Spy" Sent Back to Home World by USG! A2/A3
  Supplementary Information  
  34a Delta Pavonis VM
  34b "The Invaders" (TV Show) VM
  34c "The Invaders" (TV Show) VM
  34d "The Invaders" (TV Show) VM
  34e "The Invaders" (TV Show) VM
16 December 2009 33 The DIA calls the Billy MEIER case a complete FRAUD! ANON
  Supplementary Information  
  33a The DIA calles the Billy MEIER case a complete FRAUD! VM
16 December 2009 32 EBENS Land on AKAU Island For 2009 Meeting! ANON
  Supplementary Information  
  32a The Johnston Atoll VM
  32b Possible Home World Locations of Alien Species VM
  32c The ANTARES Star System VM
2 July 2008 31 DIA-6 Member Obituary VM
  Supplementary Information  
  31a DIA-6 Member Obituary VM
1 July 2008 30 Ancient Astronauts Crash Land During The Dinosaur Era ... Anon
  Supplementary Information  
  30a What the universe looked like during and before the age ... VM
  30b Dinosaur wiped out ~65 MYA during the K-T Event ... VM
  30c Asteroid = The global extinction of the dinosaurs ~65 MYA VM
  30d The LACERTA File VM
  30e Were baby dinosaurs abducted by an alien race? VM
  30f Could these be the small dinosaurs abducted onboard... VM
  30g Everyday life of the Cretaceous period dinosaurs VM
  30h What Earth looked like (...) after the K-T boundary event VM
  30i The fossilized remains of dinosaurs after the 'Big One' hit VM
  30j The Supercontinent Pangea as it was ... VM
  30k The eve of destruction: Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia VM
16 June 2008 29 The "Yellow Book" And Universe Explained ANON
  Supplementary Information VM
  29a The Universe resolved: it will expand forever VM
  29a-1 Our Universe is shown to be ~13.7-15 billion years old ... VM
  29b The inflation and contraction of our Universe VM
  29c Evidence of the Big Bang and Inflation are 'heard' in the ice... VM
  29d Will the Universe end in a Big Rip, Big Crunch or Big Freeze? VM
  29e The timeframe of inflation and contraction VM
9 June 2008 28 The REAL Story Behind The POPE's Visit! ANON
  Supplementary Information  
  28a Vatican says aliens could exist VM
  28b Pope Benedict XVI's visit to America memorialized VM
  28c Pope Benedict XVI's visit to America memorialized VM
  28d How some view life after death in the Universe VM
5 November 2007 27 Add Addendum to Release 27a - MJ-12: Majority vs Majestic ... ANON
27 October 2007 27a The Ronald Reagan Presidential ET Briefing ANON
  Supplementary Information  
  27 The Ronald Reagan Presidential ET Release VM
27 August 2007 26a Russian Version of Violent ET Encounter from KGB! ANON
21 August 2007 26 A Violent '85 Contact With ETs in Russia! ANON
9 August 2007 comm Anonymous comments on the Red and Yellow Books ANON
20 June 2007 25 Examination of the Eben Transport Craft! ANON
20 June 2007 24 Area 51 Scientist tell-ALL of ALIEN craft! ANON
4 June 2007 23 The 'Gate 3' Incident ANON
18 December 2006 22 Project Serpo - Special Announcement VM
30 August 2006 21 A Compilation by Bill Ryan BR
24 August 2006 20 MI6 Comments on Serpo MI6
21 August 2006 19 The Secret Behind the "CrystalRectangle " ANON
3 April 2006 18 List of Supplies ANON
28 March 2006 17 Explanation of alien drawings AKA 'EBEN objects' ANON
    (Note: initially streamed as Release 15a)  
9 March 2006 16 [EBEN Writing Sample + Iinstallment of Commander Logs] ANON
4 February 2006 15 [Diagram of EBEN object] ANON
1 February 2006 14 [Exchange Program Team] ANON
28 January 2006 13a Installment of Team Commander Logs ANON
28 January 2006 13b Installment of Team Commander Logs ANON
24 January 2006 12 Installment of Team Commander Logs ANON
21 December 2005 11 Regarding our Team Members ANON
8 December 2005 10a [Comments on Coast to Coast radio show with George Noory] ANON
2 December 2005 10 [Anon answers questions] ANON
30 November 2005 9 [About Team Members] ANON
29 November 2005 8 [About the Team and their selection process ...] ANON
25 November 2005 7c [on Kepler's Laws] ANON
20 November 2005 7b [on Kepler's Laws and Carl Sagan] ANON
18 November 2005 7a [In response to specific questions] ANON
17 November 2005 7 [Geological / Geographical facts on Serpo] ANON
14 November 2005 6 [Posting 6] ANON
13 November 2005 5 [Posting 5] ANON
9 November 2005 4 [Posting 4] ANON
7 November 2005 3 [Statistics on EBEN Planet] ANON
4 November 2005 2 [Replies on comments] ANON
2 November 2005 1 [Posting 1] ANON


Who is who?

ANON The original Anonymous, who speaks on behalf of 6 DIA or former DIA members
ANON The Anonymous who sent information directly to Bill Ryan
A2/A3 Two new anonymous sources, also DIA, as of 2010.
VM Victor Martinez, who has a UFO mailing list, and who receives the info from ANON
BR Bill Ryan, original web master of the site, who received postings 12-16
MI6 A British anonymous source, claiming to work for MI-6