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Richard Helms Was "Falcon" NOT Harry Rositkte!



To: Victor Martinez
Subject: CIA Spymaster HARRY ROSITKTE Named as "FALCON" = MISinformation!


EVERYone has it WRONG ... "FALCON" was my good friend and intelligence colleague RICHARD HELMS!

Only two (2) people on your massive list know this information. While I am still working on a new release for you, I had to break from it to correct this blatant MISinformation.

Before Richard's [Helms] passing, we met on several occasions primarily because our highly classified work caused us to cross paths; however, we also met socially on a few occasions.

Richard [Helms] was an adviser to the MJ-12 group and in fact was not only a contributing editor to the "Red Book," [presented to the U.S. President every five (5) years on alien activities], but was the final editor --- Editor-in-Chief if you will -- for the one presented in the late 1960s.

Richard also spoke of knowing of an "exchange program" ["Projects SERPO" and "CRYSTAL KNIGHT"], but did NOT know the name of it nor any details he could offer other than it involved "us sending our people there and them [Ebens] sending some of their people here."

He noted that this information was so highly compartmented by the USAF that not even he could get the project name nor ANY details on it. Though I worked on the most intimate details of the program as you know, I did not offer to share program details with Richard though years had elapsed at this point.

In order to compare the notes we had [DIA], I asked Richard how long the EBENS had been coming to Earth. He said that because the Ebens were NOT familiar with our sense and measure of time, they relied more on an "event clock" and based on that information, we estimated that the Ebens first arrived on our planet 25,000 - 30,000 years ago.

When the Ebens first arrived, they found Mankind to be in a generally primitive state of being and development. They offered to help many groups of Earth humans with fire and its constructive uses and the idea for tools that would aid developing humans.

Some humans were outwardly hostile and ran the Ebens off while others were welcoming and docile. The Ebens travelled the globe for thousands of years always looking for groups/cities of humans who were receptive to their UNconditional offers of help and aid.

According to the Ebens, Richard said that the Ebens found the ANASAZI Indian culture in the SW United States and the ancient Inca and Mayan cultures were among the most receptive to their offers of aid and technological help and assistance.

While never naming him directly by name, the Ebens noted that during their surveillance of our world over the past 30,000 years, they did point out a "prophet" on their event clock who appeared on Earth 2,000 years ago whom they called an "Earthling deity." [An obvious reference to JESUS CHRIST.]

The Ebens took special note of him because of the "huge following" he had garnered and developed AND he could see and predict FUTURE events accurately, an ability and skill that the Ebens themselves still do not possess even to this day.

Richard said that the Ebens were "fascinated by this prophet" because of an ability they they did not have AND how far advanced this "Earthling deity" was in relation to his counterparts and fellow man of the day.

The Ebens still believed that all sentient life had a soul/spirit [bio-plasmic body or "shadow matter"] and it continued to evolve into future lifetimes in other "containers." They did NOT find this at odds with what the "prophet" stated on the historical record at the time.

The Ebens made NO reference one way or the other as to whether they believed this "Earthling deity" was actually a human manifestation of the Creator of our universe OR was an engineered hybrid-human-alien planted on Earth by another intervening alien species to serve as some kind of evolved being and a "role model" to other Earth humans.

I DID share with Richard the infamous "Gate 3 Incident" at Area 51 [See "Project SERPO" Release #23 at: http://www.serpo.org/release23.php ] which involved the downing [killing] of a Cloned Biological Entity called an ARCHQULOID.

Likewise, Richard shared on incident with me that I had never heard of in my decades-long USG service: the all-out, intense, nerve-racking manhunt, capture and killing of a TRANTALOID from the star Epsilon Eridani, 10.5 light-years from Earth in the Constellation Eridanus.

MODERATOR's NOTE: EPSILON ERIDANI is one of the closest naked-eye stars to Earth and very similar to our own Sun with a magnitude of 3.7 though somewhat fainter and cooler. In 2000, it was formally announced as an "extrasolar system likely to have an exoplanet" after a giant planet was seen orbiting its sun.

This information -- which appeared in the REAGAN Release of #27a -- contradicts what appeared earlier in "Project SERPO" Release #23 at: http://www.serpo.org/release23.php "CATALOGUED ALIEN SPECIES and THEIR CELESTIAL ORIGINS" (I hope to have this resolved soon in follow-up communications with ANONYMOUS.)

According to Richard [Helms], one (1) of two (2) hostile alien species who regularly come to Earth landed their Klingon-like ship in the Washington DC area in broad daylight in 1985!

Upon landing, the cloaking device was disabled and the single TRANTALOID alien being exited from its craft. There were many startled passerbys who created a ruckus and commotion all of whom were quickly neutralized [killed] by the Trantaloid creature, most of whom were left horribly disfigured.

The manhunt was on almost immediately which also grudgingly involved the FBI as all available law enforcement personnel was needed to capture the errant Trantaloid.

Late into the evening, the deadly and hostile Trantaloid was cornered and captured and subsequently taken and held at an underground bunker at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, VA.

In the ensuing hours, there was a mad rush to find a doctor/doctors who could administer the right tranquilizer and in the correct dosage to the alien creature.

Finding and fitting restraints to render him/it almost immobile was also a daunting task as it exhibited great muscle strength [comparable to the creatures in the first "PREDATOR" movie series.].

In the end, the right tranquilizer was found and administered, UNfortunately, in too high a dosage and the Trantaloid creature subsequently expired [died].

The TRANTALOID alien creature was then placed on a special U.S. military transport where it was sent to Area 51 for a full autopsy; it still lies there today.

In the aftermath, Richard noted as a brief aside that one of the participating FBI Special Agents told him in a follow-up a private briefing that during the manhunt, he was told that "you're looking for an alien being from another planet with hostile intentions to the national security interests of the United States."

This Special Agent found it so UNbelievable that he instead believed they were looking for a "deformed human mutation" with extraordinary strength and that the alien angle was only used as excuse to emphasize the manifest necessity in the immediate location and capture of this target.

Richard stated that while the USG had "always enjoyed a pleasant working and collegial relationship with the Ebens," -- whom he further described as "basically explorers of the cosmos" -- the same could NOT be said of the two (2) alien species who had displayed hostile actions and intent toward Earth humans:


Richard emphatically stated that it was these two (2) alien species who were responsible for the spate of so-called "alien abductions" greatly popularized in pop culture.

It was in fact the TRANTALOID species that President Reagan had in mind when he lamented how the nations of Earth would "unify and come together" to repel an alien force from outer space threatening the world.

[See "Project SERPO" Release #27a at: http://www.serpo.org/release27a.php ]

Richard said the the QUADLOIDS have basically ceased their abductions of humans as they've found the atmosphere and microorganisms toxic to their species and in fact, many have died from return trips and lengthy exposure to Earth's greatly diversified environment [much like the attacking alien species did in "WAR OF THE WORLDS."]

To the best of his knowledge, TRANTALOIDS were/are the sole species abducting Earth humans for three (3) primary reasons:

  1. general experimentation on Earth humans;
  2. detailed analysis of our species;
  3. trial cross-breeding between Earth humans and the Trantaloid species.

Since my primary focus and work was on "Project SERPO" and on reverse engineering of the recovered alien discs we had collected over the years, I asked Richard about the many reported COW ABDUCTIONS and he informed me that the Trantaloids were abducting/mutilating cows to develop anti-toxins for themselves located and derived from within the unique cow physiology.

Apparently, they too -- much like the Quadloids -- had health-related issues from Earth's "toxic" environment which Earth humans are immune and acclimated to.

Richard noted for the record that while the Ebens respected humanity, they felt NO wrong was committed to experiment on a dead human body as they firmly believed that the body's soul had exited and that the container was of little or no use now, and experimentation might only benefit us in the long run with the sharing of what they learned about us with our medical personnel.

This is all I have and can recall from my meetings with RICHARD HELMS -- either in a formal or INformal setting -- and I hope it helps set the record straight on this matter which should NEVER have become the issue it has.

I'm still working on your next release while recovering from major surgery.

More to come....